Obama Invited To Say Mass At Notre Dame

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Southbend, IN––Three years after Notre Dame invited Barack Obama to deliver the commencement speech to its graduating class, the university has now reportedly invited him to say Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. “We’d like to let our students and their parents know that we would never compromise our faith tradition,” Notre Dame President, Reverend John Jenkins, said Friday, “It is a simple show of Christian unity.” But not all Catholics are in favor of the university’s decision to allow a pro-choice, non-Catholic to say Mass. Sophomore Alice Bell had some reservations about the decision, telling Eye of the Tiber that she and her friends would not be attending Mass for the next year or two in protest. No word yet on whether the democratic president intends to hear confessions prior to Mass.

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  • carson lauffer

    Is this a joke?

    • It is very, very serious.

      • John Kloess


    • PureCatholic

      Satire.Satire.Satire. Everything on here

  • Paul Ewasko

    How can anyone other than a priest say Mass?
    By the way, the Roman Rite “says” Mass – in the Byzantine Rite we CELEBRATE Divine Liturgy!

    • Frank Joseph

      The Mass in the Roman Rite is also referred to as a Celebration and priests in that rite “celebrate” Mass, too. 😀 When people say that a priest “says” Mass, that is a colloquial expression, not an official expression.

      • fredx2


        • Heinz


          (An eye for an eye)

    • Mises Hayek

      this article is a joke
      its not real
      Its Satire

  • Frank

    I’m pretty sure that he is scheduled to be beatified before Christmas.

  • Matt

    Its a joke guys, seriously. Don’t read everything on this site literally. I mean, its kinda obvious that Benedict didn’t claim a ”Year of Stuff” nor did ND invite Obama to say a mass. I’m pretty sure a Catholic college would know that only the ordained can say mass

    • PureCatholic

      I’m pretty sure that there is nothing ever that is not satire.

    • Theresa Caviness

      Given ND’s John Jenkins past history of outright PC idiocy and accommodation to heterodoxy… I would not be as sure as you are.

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  • Michael Leggett

    It would not be a Divine Liturgy if Obummer offered it.

  • fredx2

    A White House spokesman later clarified that Obama would be hearing confessions before mass. However, he explained that Obama’s only response after each penitent listed their sins would be “Who am I to judge?”

    The homily is expected to be “The Joys of Contraception, and why everyone else should pay for yours.”

  • Fr. John Higgins

    I’ve heard that they’re dragging Fidel Castro out of Cuba for the event. He wouldn’t go until he was promised that he’d get free Bistec Empanizada (Schnitzel).

    • Theresa Caviness

      And by ‘dragging’ I think you are not just kidding, Fr. John. The dictator is almost a nonagenarian, I’m guessing. I’ve heard he sleeps in pickle juice, takes his siesta inside a hyperbaric chamber, and doesn’t take a step without a taxidermist by his side! :-))

  • WHB

    Is this all supposed to be funny? Or should Jenkins be tarred and feathered and excommunicated?

    • steve5656546346

      It is supposed to be funny.

  • Jason Suggs

    Satire with a message.

  • Deacon Raymond Moon Sr.

    Why don’t many Catholics understand that ANYTHING from the Eye of the Tiber is SATIRE! It is all made up to try to be funny….sometimes, it doesn’t work.

  • Deacon Raymond Moon Sr.

    of course it the satire is lost because there is an advertisement with Patrick Madrid at the end of the story….wait a minute,…..never mind.

  • Yet another obamanation!

  • ADeVille

    What a minute, I thought I was going to say Mass!

  • Filipino_Papist

    Will they release a copy of the homily ahead of time, maybe in five languages? Hope they get the translations right!

  • RegularGuyPaul

    This is satire, like everything on this site. It is meant to be funny. Which is not to say that it won’t actually happen tomorrow.

  • Invictus_Lux

    Perhaps they should bring forth the tomb of Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin and place under the altar – saints of the holy cause?

  • Don Lond

    Wow, now he’s “evolved’ into Holy Orders. I wonder how many of our bishops will co-celebrate with him? A guest homily will be given by Sister Sandra Fluke entitled “chastity–a demonic virtue.”

    • pat

      well the guy walks on water, why shouldn’t he say mass?

  • Rose Lincoln

    Sure it’s not a black mass?

  • John DiStefano

    Anyway, when did our Faith, The Catholic Church, become a “faith tradition.”

    • pat

      Around about the time the church went ecumenical crazy.