Black Sheep Dog, John Corapi, Issues Apology

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Hudson, NY––Former S.O.L.T. priest, John Corapi, has apologized today for what he called a “negligent and insensitive decision.” On June 7th, 2011, Corapi appeared on a video titled, The Black Sheep Dog, announcing that he would be resigning from the priesthood after allegations came out that he had been involved in an improper relationship with a former employee. In his newest video put out today titled, The African-American Sheep Dog, Corapi apologizes to anyone he may have offended by the video title put out in 2011.

  • oneintheirhearts

    Is there a link to video. I see no where on the internet that John Corapi has apologized. E-Mail me a link if you have one.
    Thank You
    Catholic 4 Life

    • There is no link this site is just a joke.

    • Tony

      Oh please get a sense of humour. This is so depressing. Seriously. Some of the comments on here are so sad. Does no one understand satire any more? Poor old Eye of the Tiber! Keep up the good work making us laugh at ourselves

    • GaryLockhart

      Satire is wasted on the illiterate.

  • Ken

    Look around this blog…it is not a serious news outlet. I’m not sure if they are trying to be funny or malicious.

  • Dawn

    Only if you have no sense of humor could you find this site malicious. I consider it the Catholic version of “The Onion”.

    • Howard

      Or “the Onion Dome”.

  • I LOVE Father John Corapi !! 🙂

  • Larry

    I just became aware of the absense of Fr. John Corapi. I am a protestant who followed the teachings of Fr. John for quite a while. I am still an ardent supporter of his teachings. I am a firm believer in his faith as well. I wish him well.

    • ithakavi

      Mmmm … that may explain why he had to leave the Catholic Church in disgrace.

  • MamaFactotum

    The real reason Fr. Corapi left his community…he was caught with an unregistered handgun. His superior accused him of being a S.O.L.T. with a deadly weapon.