Catholic Democrat Makes Holy Hour Before The Real Presence Of Obama

November 5, 2012 by  
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Ardent Catholic Democrat Gordon Frey arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Obama for his scheduled Holy Hour earlier monday morning. 56-year-old Frey appeared in good spirits as he entered the adoration chapel, going down on both knees and uttering the customary words, “My president and my god.” “I’ve been coming here since they began adoration in ’08,” Frey said. “I feel like it gives me perspective after a long day…knowing that the President of Presidents, the Teleprompter of god, the Sacrament of the Oval Office is continually watching over me…like big brother, I guess you could say.” With the presidential elections just one day away, Frey believes that now is the most crucial time come to adoration. “Catholic Democrats like myself believe that Obama is everywhere, not just the White House. He dwells in our hearts and our homes and our business, but most of all, he is truly present here…at least a piece of his hair that fell on the ground once during meet and greet is.” At press time, Frey was in desperate need of the restrooms, but could not leave Obama alone.

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  • Former heretic

    The gospel according to Marx?

  • Mack

    Sadly, a great many sort-of Catholics voted for killing babies under the aegis of Dear Leader.

    Holy Innocents, pray for us.

  • Judy

    I so needed this humor! Thanks to the genius who is responsible for this entry and the entire website! I’m thankful for you all and it is nice to laugh for a change. Keep praying!

  • Jim111

    I hope they have a rail to show where hell meets earth.

  • ba Seq

    should the icorn (i refuse to call it icon) not read ‘the night giver’ instead of ‘the light giver’.

  • aswin f

    utter nonsense

    • PureCatholic

      you do realize its satire right?

      • Buck Eichler

        Yes, satire in very poor taste and vexing to the spirit.

        • voiceinthedesert

          Watch your ego. God is not that small….there are bigger issues

          • Buck Eichler

            It’s a pretty big issue. It’s not just about being totally disrespectful to our President, it’s about all the unspoken assumptions that generally go with such a perspective. The thought, for instance, that the Republicans offer something better. They have totally ceded their allegiance to the god of greed, and there is so much in the Bible about that. The sternest warnings possible. All unheeded. There, my friend, lies the root of all evil.

  • Susan

    OMG too funny

  • jeromeleo

    That image is blasphemy, not funny or satire.

  • jeromeleo

    The whole text is blasphemy, this is so much worse than your usual humor. Lord have mercy. Satire has moral limits, and I believe this exceeds them.

    • voiceinthedesert

      Is God really that small that it bothers Him?

  • Juan Pedro

    This fellow got an iPhone from the White Hose for sure, now he is shooting for a permanent payment of his rent/mortgage from the same source. Don’t hold your breath imbecile.

  • James Netusil

    I’m sorry – but I think you’ve gone too far with this one. I know it’s satire, but you’ve crossed the line to blasphemy.