Atheists Sue To Remove Letters “G”, “O”, And “D” From Alphabet

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The civil liberties organization American Atheists has sued the U.S. government to remove the letters “G,” “O,” and “D” from the English alphabet, arguing that the letters “often come together in such an order as to promote a belief in God,” director of public relations Ronald Kegin said Friday.

“The letters represent a violation of rights to many atheists around the country, in that the letters are being misused to promote religion.”

Some now believe that the lawsuit may eventually be modified so as to also remove the letters “F,” “A,” “T,” “H,” “E,” and “R.”

American Atheists President David Silverman said that the letters are an “offense and no less of an attack on the rights of man than was the inquisition.”

In a letter to members of American Atheists Friday, Silverman wrote, W- c-n n- l-n— s–n- by -n- w–c- -s -u- -i—s -n- ——ms — —mpl– -n by –li-i-us z–l–s. N- l-n—…n- m—!

  • Bravo. 🙂

  • Bill

    This is a joke, right?

    Of course, if it’s not, then by removing A, D, E, F, G, H, I, O, R, and T from the alphabet, they would have a tough time spelling “ATHEIST” and “AGNOSTIC” as well. They would just be left with “IST” and “NSC”.

    • James

      Look at the rest of the site. Yes, it’s a joke. Think of the site as a Catholic “The Onion”

  • Bill

    Sorry, that’s wrong. They would be left with “IS” and “NSC” — my bad. Forgot that pesky “T”.

  • Tzard

    The ASPCA counter-sues on behalf of our canine brethren.

  • Michael Barsness

    Its funny how people find this website and are confused… Bill this is a parody news blog/site. They are more making fun of atheists in this one and stupid ideologies. This one happens to be the preposterous whole sue, take to court, legislate whatever I find remotely offensive.

  • Pat

    it must be true…’s on the Internet!

  • Bill

    Apparently I am parody-impaired. And yet such a demand by militant atheists would be no more ridiculous than their other demands, claims, and rants.

  • J. David Core

    But we atheists don’t sue because we find God or mentions of God offensive. If we did that, we’d be suing churches, and individuals, and stores. But have you never noticed that the only thing we ever sue is the government? We aren’t offended by the mention of God. We’re offended by the disregard for the separation of church and state. Prayer in schools, creches on public lands, decalogues in the courthouse, and declarations of faith in our national pledge or on our coin are offensive, not because God offends us. It’s offensive because it’s a violation of law. The real question is – as Americans – why doesn’t that offend you?

    • John Flaherty

      Mr. Core,
      I think your argument has serious flaws. If you think it wonderful that atheists only sue governments, not stores or churches, it’d be wise to consider WHY those governments are there. Most people in this nation believe that Separation of Church and State means that people will not be forced to attend this House of Worship or that against their will.
      We have freedoms of religion, speech, and congregation as a means to ENCOURAGE each other to live as virtuously as possible, to debate what virtue IS, to challenge each other with varying ideas related to what right and wrong ARE. Separation of Church and State should NEVER be used as an excuse to force morals out of the public square. In fact, I think it very telling that no vote regarding the existence of religious sentiment has ever been taken. Those laws that we must follow that bar religion do not come from the will of the people, but mostly from a VERY few angry people who could sway a VERY few judges. Never have the people of this nation chosen to abolish religious sentiment from public life.
      God forbid they ever do.

      In the course of all the debate over what Separation really means, I notice something else very strange: I have never seen a large group of atheists, agnostics, or others contribute anything of genuine value to the public discourse. I’ve heard many a howl against offering a prayer in public or erecting a cross over a cemetery. Never once have I heard an offer from an atheist to offer additional words of goodwill to a public event; never once have I heard of a Wiccan proposal to erect a Pentagram over a cemetery. No, I have only heard of efforts to reject the rights of someone else to offer prayers, erect crosses, or offer anything else of value.

      I find it very odd that anyone would exercise such angry rhetoric against ideas and actions that primarily aim to contribute to the public good.

      I am proud to be an American where we all are allowed to believe–or not–as we wish, to attempt to persuade each other of differing points of view.

      After being angry and disgusted with many atheists and others, I find I cannot muster more than pity.

      If you choose to live angry, then do so. Do not expect me to hound others merely to share in your malaise.

      • Peter Nuhn


        I’m sorry you haven’t seen any groups offer anything of value. The Haymarket and labor org’s gave you weekends off and overtime.

        There are so many things that non-believers have brought to society. Artists, scientist, educators, civil rights leaders, and millions of others over the entire history of mankind have contributed more to society than all the people on their knees could ever pray to do.

        • wiffle

          The first scientists on record were almost all Catholic Monks. Some of the world’s greatest art has a religious theme. The whole concept of even bothering with a systemic study of science come from Medival Catholic Europe, which set the groundwork for believing that God’s universe was orderly and rule bound. Martin Luther King Jr was a Baptist Minister whose faith inspired amazing courage for a man with 4 small children at home. The concept of a weekend comes straight from a Sabbath day.

          In other words, those who found time to pray found the strength and spirit to do much more. As your post shows, athesist have difficulty pointing to anything positive.

    • Netmilsmom

      You know this is a satire site, right?

  • Panda Rosa

    Does that mean an atheist will not be able to own a dog anymore? We all know what the word “dog” spelled backward is. Another strike against Man’s Former Best Friend is how devoted, how obedient, how unconditionally loving it is, and we can’t have that! Only logic and reason, my dears, only facts, never emotion.

  • I suppose they finally settled for the decapitalization of A and O.

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  • masterjedi747

    “We can no longer stand by and watch as our rights and freedoms are trampled on by religious zealots. No longer… no more!”

    So… what do I win? 🙂

    • Daniel


  • LOL that is funny

  • daangelo29

    Not sure if some of the comments below missed the fact that this is satire, or they were being satirical themselves. Poe’s Law at work here.

  • Randy

    Why stop there? Take out i-c-k-h-e-a too!

  • Dan Knight

    To be consistent, Atheists should also seek to remove ‘R, E, A, S, O, and N.’ These letters never add up to what they claim they mean, so we obviously don’t need them.

  • MonsignorBrokhage

    This is the exact solution we need to eliminate all that nasty cursing and using the name of the you-know-what in vain.

  • James Rattan

    outraged . . . _utra_e_