Man On Catholic Match Finally Ready To Message Kristin-51053

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San Luis Obispo, CA––31-year-old Chuck-50012 has finally finished writing his message to Kristin-51053 after one month and 17 revisions his friends are now reporting. The web developer, who celebrated his fifth anniversary on Catholic Match last week, has been working, tirelessly, to write the perfect message. “I don’t usually spend this much time on a message,” Chuck-50012 said. “Usually I just write a couple lines, ‘Hey, how are you?’ ‘So you live in such-and-such place?’ ‘I’ve always wanted to visit,’ blah, blah, blah, then message bomb it to 20, 30 girls and hope for a response. But there’s something about this Kristin-51053 girl.”

Friends of Chuck-50012 say that he became smitten with Kristin-51053 the moment he noticed that she had viewed his profile. “I remember he leaned back in his chair and started making this ‘ding, ding, ding’ kinda slot machine noise and said that he had ‘a winner,'” one friend reflected. Kristin-51053, Chuck-50012 believes, has all the qualities he has searched for in court-worthy girl. “She’s real pretty, in that homeschool kinda way. She lives in Denver, and I hear they’re pretty orthodox out there. She’s a governess like one of those Jane Austen characters…and one of the three grainy pictures on her profile is of her wearing a mantilla. And on a coincidental, and dare I say ‘providential’, note, her favorite book in the bible is John, which just so happens to be my middle name.”

Chuck-50012 has graciously provided the message that he will be sending Kristin-51053 for review. Comments and suggestions are welcome in the message board of this article.

Hey Kristin,

What’s up? Doing good? I noticed that you checked me out on the site a few weeks a ago. Flattered. ; )  I would’ve written earlier but I’ve been sooooo busy with work. You know how it is. Anyhow, just wanted to right and let you know taht I enjoyed you’re profile. So I noticed in you’re profile that your quarter German. Me too. My dad’s full  German and my mom’s a quarter. “Achtung!” as they used to say, Haha…joking. Seriously though, that Holocaust thing was a fiasco, huh? Sucks, if you ask me. You have any thoughts about what happened? So…Denver, huh? I hear the city’s beautiful. I bet you fit in just perfectly out there. : ) I’ve always wanted to visit, but hadn’t had a reason till now. Anyway, hope to ehar from you soon. Let me know when’s best for you and perhaps I can fly down for the weekend or something.


p.s. Governess? Impressive. Is that like those nanny jobs that girls did in the olden days, or is it like your a female governer or something.