Thousands Camp Outside Churches In Anticipation Of Black Friday Masses

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Hundreds of church-goers stamped into Saint Theresa Parish on Black Friday, 2011, just moments before four are tragically trampled to death.

As anticipated, thousands of church-goers have already camped out in front of churches all across the nation in anticipation of Black Friday Masses. Joseph Evanovich of New Orleans says that an opportunity to get closer to the tabernacle for Mass drove him to forgo traditional Thanksgiving day family gatherings. “I’ve been camped out here since Monday hoping I could get one of those first couple pews I’ve been hearing all about.” Ronald and Rebecca Coen of Las Cruces, New Mexico have been camped out in front of Saint Genevieve Catholic Church since last Friday, and say they would do anything to get their “tongues on one of those newly consecrated hosts.” “Last year they ran out just before we were able to partake,” Ronald Coen told Eye of the Tiber. “We were lucky enough to get some bulletins, though. We gave a few to our parents, a couple to some friends, and one to our daughter…you should’ve seen her face.”

But with all the excitement of this year’s Masses, priests around the nation have warned parishioners against being overly frenzied when church doors open, many saying that a mad rush into churches could lead to more tragedies like one that occurred last year at Saint Theresa Parish in Palm Springs, California, where four people were trampled to death and seven others were injured just moments after the church doors opened.

  • Kirt Higdon

    Hey, I used to belong to Saint Theresa parish in Palm Springs. It was a lot more laid back in those days. Also it was considered the celebrity parish – Sonny Bono, etc.

  • If only this were the case.

  • Stephen Dalton

    If only this was true!

  • If every Sunday instead of giving out the Body of Christ, I gave out hundred dollar bills, how many people would come for communion? Jesus is more important that a hundred dollar bill.

    • Michael Schumacher

      Father, perhaps you should try Communion on the tongue and a hundred dollar bill in the hand. I’m not sure where in the GIRM the potential use of a second ciborium for distributing cash might be discussed though.

      Reverse-simony isn’t a sin, is it?

  • Don’t give Eye of the Tiber any ideas! Or the next story will be about how each parishioner gets a token with a number on it at Communion, and after the recessional the deacon will use the bingo machine to generate a number –$100 to the lucky parishioner.

  • Tomk6057

    If they knew the truth of what was inside this is exactly how it would be….