Catholics For Choice Asks Vatican To Allow Abortions In Cases of Rape, Incest, Impending Prom

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The pro-choice organization Catholics for Choice today sent a request to the Vatican asking them to ease restrictions on abortion in cases of rape, incest, and impending prom. The focus of the letter was aimed primarily at the subject of impending, “once in a lifetime” proms that many unfortunate teens are forced to miss due to unplanned and untimely pregnancies. The request, sent by Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brian, was on... Read More

Pastor Encourages Parishoners To Use New Click-To-Confess Feature On Church Website

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Raleigh, North Carolina––After revealing new updates to the parish website, pastor of St. Claire Church Fr. Nicholas Walker told his flock that should they have to confess, to henceforth do so by the new “Click-to-Confess” feature on the parish website. “I began to notice a rise in parishioners desiring confessions, but I couldn’t get to all of them with the 15 minutes I have allotted for confessions a week,” Walker... Read More

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