Man Angry That Only Women Can Become Female Priests

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Florence Hensley and companions minutes after practicing mass

Medford, OR––Speaking at a Women’s Rights group at the home of fellow parishioner Florence Hensley of Medford, Oregon this week, 58-year-old Roger Shannahan complained that the group was being sexist for unjustly excluding men from the group’s hopes of a female priesthood. “I mean, you could see in the early Church numbers of male figures that held positions of authority,” Shannahan told the group. “St. Paul was a man, for instance. He had authority, right? So, if St. Paul was a man and had authority, why wouldn’t I be able to have it?” Hensley, who hosts the weekly Women’s Rights group, told Eye of the Tiber after the meeting that men cannot be considered, not because men are unequal, only because it is not in a man’s nature to become a female priest. But Shannahan believes otherwise, telling Eye of the Tiber that the group has always overlooked men simply because of the group’s own insecurities. “I’m sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines. I too have a voice.”

  • Al Thomas

    I have called you Sister and even Mother but I be Dammed if I am going to call you Father!

  • Have these bigots never heard of gender identity? Or that all that is required for one to have a female gender identity is to self-identify as female? How dare these women exclude genetic-males from the female-priesthood on such a flimsy & antiquated basis. Their self-serving prejudice must be exposed for what it is …

  • Warren Memlib

    Ontologically speaking, men are invalid matter for ordination to the female priesthood.

    For a title, I suggest “Fs.” (pronounced “Fizz”), a combination of “Fr.” and “Ms.”.

    • Fr. John Higgins

      I will use the term “Fizz” from now on. I like it!!!

  • Martha

    That picture is whack!

  • Martha

    …except that I think at least one of those is actually a man, baby. 😉

  • EB

    Congratulations!!! You are now episcopalians.

  • jay

    Most look gay.

  • Those ‘stoles’ look as if they have bar codes on them. I wonder what they are selling?

    Or perhaps they are Fraunhofer spectra of nearby stars

  • Therese

    Sorry, you are too late. The American Episcopal Church already allowed this at their General Convention earlier this year.

  • Why can’t men be nuns?

    • Father, they might let a transgendered man become a nun, and even use the women’s bathroom in the parish school.

    • Maria

      We do have male nuns, they are called monks or friars.

  • Stephen M. Collins

    Is that 5 priestesses and 1 deaconess, or is one of them just making a fasion statement?

    • asshur

      I think you oversaw in your count the one either dressed bishop-like or according to a more barroque fashion
      Anyway, the picture is worthy of Bad Vestment. Ms. Jeffreys Shory (sp?) influence is too obvious

  • The article doesn’t tell us if this man is transgendered.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my, these poor deluded heretics. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Kent of Oxford

    How does one qualify to become a Deaconess, versus a Priestess? Is it simply a matter of not wanting to bear the responsibilty of a higher Sacrilege against God and His Church?

    • Catholic Coach


  • Alfred Grech

    With all respect……this is the LEAST I want to hear and see! Women are NOT meant to be priests. I personally DO NOT EVEN dare to receive Holy Communion from women; I would rather NOT receive the Holy Communion. Sorry about this but this is what I believe. No disrespect to females.

    • Chris smith

      Alfred, It’s not holy communion if any of them performed the ceremony.

      Aren’t these silly ladies a little old for playing dress up?

  • Presbyter

    Don’t know what all the fuss is. The Catholic Church has been ordaining women for years.

  • Catholic Jester

    The funny thing is, the womenpriests group actually has a few male (and legitimately ordained, I might add) priests whose views differ significantly from the Church in moral areas.

  • Fr. John Higgins

    This is one of my biggest concerns. “Women Priests” should be more inclusive.

  • Hayes Timothy Murphy

    Judging by the rainbow vestments, these are LGBT mafioso.

  • Hayes Timothy Murphy

    Our Lady of Melissa Etheridge

  • fredx2

    I think that is “Ellen” in the middle.

  • Guest

    These women are note and wanna b’s, it would be a cold day in hell before I would ever attend a church where this is happening. Ladies read your bible and get off the altar and let the real priest do their job. Common sense needs to be applied.

  • Kathleen May

    These women are not priest, they are idiots in a costume, get real ladies and get off the altar and let the real priest do their job.

  • Kathleen May

    What home did they escape from? somebody give them a ride back please
    to the zoo, somebody left the cage open

  • Mbukukanyau

    You need to correct the title of this article to ”
    Man Angry That Only Women Can Become Female Priestesses”

  • Bette

    Brand new Roman Catholic…are there NO religious obligations that women can just be exempt from? Not a fan of the female priesthood movement.

  • Wildgraywolf

    Well, I can’t think of anything to write – all of the really good stuff has been said already. So, I’ll just stand here looking at the picture agog and gobsmacked.

  • Ioseph Demergo

    Something is not quite right!