Statue In Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels Wondering Why Everyone Keeps Laughing At It

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Los Angeles, CA––The Virgin Mary statue at the entrance of Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles announced today that it was becoming evermore frustrated and frankly rather confused by the amount of mockery it has received since it was first created. The 8-foot-tall, modern representation of the Virgin Mary told Eye of the Tiber that ever since it was created in 2002, it has been the butt of jokes, scoffs, and laughs by visitors who pass it, despairingly adding that it has oftentimes wished it could just call in sick. “I guess I’m just more confused than anything else,” the statue said from its station above a pair of bronze doors. “Of course I’ve never looked at myself, but I’m a statue of the Virgin Mary, you know? How bad can I look? People stare at me as though I look like some kind of veilless Jedi with a boy-cut or something.”

  • International Marian Statue Workers’ Union

    The Marian Statue stationed in the Ely Cathedral (Ely, Grand Britannia) expressed its sympathy to its fellow worker in LA.

    The International Marian Statue Worker’s Union had issued a statement declaring that “it is in situations like this, when our fellow worker is being treated as less then serious, that the principle of solidarity is required”.

    • secondeve

      At least she has a flowing mane of golden hair.

      • scook

        I think she belongs at Notre Dame next to touchdown Jesus.

  • Mimi

    Same with this one at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew in Washington, DC. It’s Broadway Mary!

    • Broadway Mary! Now that is classical art at its best.

    • Donald

      Wow, it’s like West Side Story Mary. When your a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette til your last dying day.

    • Are you kidding? The statue at St Matthew’s is a brilliant work of Baroque influence, the lack of a cliché-ridden devotional posture notwithstanding. Reminds me of the Bernini’s statue of Teresa of Avila in ecstasy. In any case, there is simply no comparison to that iconoclasm in LA.

      • Cindy Coleman

        It may be a brilliant piece of Baroque inspiration….but if the message it gives to the everyday Catholic that views it is “Broadway Mary” then the “brilliance” is lost. To my 2013 view, the name “Broadway Mary” is a keeper and describes exactly what the posture of that statue is saying to me. (Good one, Gomer.)

        • Noe

          Mary of St. Matt’s does have me thinking of the punch like to the Jewish joke “How do you get to Broadway?”..

    • Pachri7

      At least her arms and her head are covered! Any woman in the Middle East even in these days would not be caught with their head and arms uncovered (as is the statue at the L.A. Cathedral). And standing on a crescent moon??? This is not Mary, not the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

  • The dress spoke next, saying, “Hi, I was made from a used tube of toothpaste!”

  • She reminds me of a Weeping Angel. Don’t blink!

    • you blink and your dead!

  • Catholic

    I know this is supposed to be satire, but I don’t get the underlying premise. In order to be satirical, it has to be ridiculing some truth. But why would anyone laugh at this depiction of the Virgin Mary?

    • Luke

      Your comment is either sarcastic in the extreme or completely serious. One of those two options strikes me as trying just a little too hard; the other, however, is even more troubling. Please tell me you aren’t serious? That you don’t actually picture Our Lady as a wannabe-ninja teenaged boy?

  • Dylan

    This statue of Mary and Gabriel in Nazareth would also like to express its concerns.

  • Christopher Leo Biddle

    It is a sacrilege for Our Lady to be depicted in a funny, irreverent, confused, or stupid manner.

  • Raymond Gueret

    Now, now. The “Yellow Armadillo” aka the LA Cathedral, needed a statue of a nondescript woman/man statue that may/may not be religious to go with the rest of the “gathering place” that may be used for concerts/meetings/rally’s, or even a religious event.

  • Deb Parise
  • Salvelinus

    HaHA – Classic – “wannabe-ninja teenaged boy”…

  • ab

    actually, it looks like a cross between David Bowie and Sandra Bullock.

  • Montague

    Actually, the crescent moon makes sense, since at the time of Christ’s birth, the moon was a new moon below virgo (at least by one theory which I have yet to be seen disproved). Also looks like a ship. A ship is good.

    The clothes and the hair, on the other hand… I mean, she looks like a convict or something, not the Theotokos!

  • JoFro

    What’s wrong with her standing on the crescent moon? This connects her to the Book of Revelation!

    • C[]bblep[]t


      • scooter

        Religious artistic kitsch from another era. Really, no one would care that much about any of it if Catholics only would drop the perpetual Mary Worship.

  • Rick Gutleber

    But this one is a beautiful and traditional statue. I can see where the nickname comes from, but it is a fitting pose for our Lady, reaching out to her Child, or to the faithful, to lead them to her Son.

    • C[]bblep[]t

      Traditional? I think not…This is a masculine image of what is supposed to be feminine. The maternal protection from Heaven, sent to us by God Himself, is made to look like a she-boy…absolutely offensive! I have read someone’s comment that, ” She is pictured as a strong, welcoming, woman.” If you see a woman in this picture, then this is a hermaphrodite. Can you honestly see a woman, a mother in this statue? Forget that the image is mimicking the pose of the Miraculous Medal, just look at the actual statue…Does this look like a woman at all? Can you image why Mary asked us to do the Saturday Reparations for grievous sins against her Immaculate Heart and that of her Son’s Sacred Heart?

    • scooter

      Rick, does your comment refer to the statue of “Broadway Mary”? The skill in the craftsmanship of this piece is without question, but in art as with most things in life, if you have to explain why a widespread perception of something is wrong, chances are you are in a losing position. That inconvenient fact is what makes producing great art such a rummy thing.

  • ithakavi

    Of course Mary is androgynous! How did we miss this for so long!!

  • C[]bblep[]t

    Okay…I think it is great that there is at least an interest into Our Lady…who always leads us to Jesus…but this is strange, and almost unsettling…This is why I have a problem with Liberalism inside the Church, non-Catholics look at this and find even more reasons to scoff at or be turned away from Catholicism. There is always a need by Liberalism to ‘reform’ or in some way change altogether either the outward appearance of something orthodox or the theology thereof. I mean, depictions of Our Lady have existed for Generations…esp. that people have described from seeing her in visions that have been approved as worthy of belief by the Church…Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, etc. I mean, this does not even look like a woman…it looks like a boy wearing some sort of Japanese Kimono…If it were not for the moon under the feet and the halo like symbol over the head of that statue, I would have never believed it represented Mary…By the way, love for Mary does not equal worship, Our Lady’s role in the path to human salvation leads always to Christ – ” [5] His mother saith to the waiters: Whatsoever he shall say to you, do ye.” John 2:5

  • C[]bblep[]t

    THANK YOU! It is absolutely a design of Satan to attack Our Lady like this. It is nothing more than Modernist agendas trying to ‘reform’ already revealed dogma. God Help us.

  • ithakavi

    Cardinal Mahoney seems to have thought that the Mother of God was a lesbian Hari Krishna.

  • scooter

    I know what you mean. This sculpture more closely represents some androgynous Sand sort-of-goddess-like thing.

  • scooter

    “Broadway Mary” conveys a certain charm, but if you really want a frenetic congregation to worship up a storm at the Madonna’s feet, then unveil before them the Judy Garland Mary!

  • scooter

    This statue puts us in mind of a youth rescued from some pernicious hanky-panky situation at a raided LDS compound.