Catholic School Children Offended By Dumbed Down Homily

March 5, 2013 by  
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El Centro, CA–Students at St. Therese of Carmel Acadamy walked out of Mass confounded earlier this morning after parish priest Fr. Ted Cordova delivered an over simplified homily about the Lord’s command to forgive “not seven but seventy-seven times.” “My mind’s still totally blown away with how stupid Fr. Ted thinks we are,” 8th grader Mary Brueland told Eye of the Tiber as she tried to make sense of the homily. “Honestly, I’m more confused about the bible now than I ever was.” Brueland went on to painfully describe the homily, saying that Cordova spoke real slow and condescendingly as he paced up and down the aisle “like a protestant pastor.” “And he told us how even though Christ said to forgive 77 times, that he didn’t literally mean ’77.’ Then he explained what ‘literally’ means. And then he told us how ’77’ was just a symbol, and that a symbol is something that represents something else. In this case ’77’ represents perfection, and that perfection means being like Jesus, who loves us all very, very, very much. I’m actually not even sure how he got back to the main point of God’s mercy…I got lost when he started giving us the definition of ‘very, very, very much.’ I mean…he does know we’re kids and not idiots, right?”