Not Enough Banners In Churches Lately Biggest Problem Facing Catholic Church

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Washington, D.C.–While the College of Cardinals meet to discuss the priorities of the Roman Catholic Church, and to select a new pope, a new survey shows that American Catholics see the diminishing number of banners inside their churches as the biggest problem facing the Catholic Church. A survey from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life asked U.S. Catholics to describe the problems facing the Church, and found that 47% thought the most important issue was the diminishing number of banners inside their churches. The second most pressing issue for U.S. Catholics was in regards to the final few Holy Days of Obligation left on the liturgical calender, and having those obligations altogether and perpetually dispensed. “The results are very fascinating, yet not so shocking,” Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life President Patricia Contratto told Eye of the Tiber. “We know how well purple banners with cute little sheep help parishioners reflect on the bloody, gruesome death of our Lord during Lent. And we’ve seen some pastors in recent years begin to decrease the number of banners in their churches, and I think that the average U.S. Catholic is voicing their concern. They’re telling their Bishops and Cardinals what they want to see from the next Pope. They’re not looking for an encyclical to help them meditate on the Lord. All they want are images of a sheep and fish on purple banners to help them remember Jesus during the Lenten season.”