Pope Francis Stumbles; Foreshadowing Of Unstable Papacy?

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A sign of things to come?

A sign of things to come?

VATICAN––Media outlets around the world were quick to speculate about the future of the two day old papacy of Pope Francis earlier this morning after the new pontiff tripped on his way down a step to greet Dean of Cardinals Angelo Sodano. Calling it “The Great Stumble,” many are now speculating whether this could be an “omen” of the 76-year-old Francis’ papacy. “After Benedict’s papacy, which was fraught with gaffes and scandals, many are beginning to look to the stars, so to speak, about where this papacy might be heading,” spokesman for Reuters Debra Heinz told Eye of the Tiber. “Things are obviously starting off on the wrong foot. Definitely a rocky start.” Others in the media are beginning to wonder whether Francis’ age might be taking a toll on him, leading some to speculate that the Church might soon be heading toward yet another abdication. Carla Suarez, an Argentinian studying in Rome, says that she was shocked to hear the news, since Argentinians “are typically quite nimble-footed.” “We’re usually very sure-footed,” Suarez said. “You know…with the Tango and all. I don’t know…this is obviously very embarrassing for my people. I just hope that Papa Francisco is able to prove everyone wrong and lead a good and stable papacy.”

  • Martha

    “…with the Tango and all.’ Ahahahha.

    But seriously, poor Papa Frank. How embarrassing. :/ Can you even imagine having the entire world see you trip? Oh my.

  • Julie

    He probably stumbled because he hasn’t switched to the red papal shoes yet. This guy’s really got to get it together if he’s going to be pope.

  • phred

    Visions of Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford…

  • dwyer

    An omen of his Papacy? No worries about objective journalism. There may be reasons for concern given his history in Argentina or his ability as an outsider to change the culture in the curia. Let’s talk about the issues not that a fall could be an omen-that’s crap

    • Robin Hood

      Psst. Not real news story.

      • Sean

        Anyone up for starting a tally of commenters who have yet to catch on to the premise of this site? We’ve got to be in the thousands by now. Kills me every time.

  • Panda Rosa

    He stumbled, but got right back on his feet, didn’t he? Doing the tango does give a man a good sense of balance, it’s a good sign.

  • SV

    Were you there when they publicized the Pope?
    Were you there when they publicized the Pope?
    Oh! – O – o – oh! …
    Sometimes, it causes him to
    Were you there when they publicized the Pope?

  • Jacob

    Pope BXVI didn’t commit any gaffes. There are a lot of hateful leftists and other enemies of the Church who just make things up and slander popes for being ardently Catholic.
    BXVI is the greatest living theologian in the world and didn’t fail in any way. He held the flag up high for the truth and stood up to a lot of powerful, evil people.. This is why so many minions of those elite folks call the pope hateful names and make clear their bitterness at holy men.

    • Martin

      um ok…