Christendom College Student Won’t Shut Up With The Latin Already

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"Colligium Christendum bonum scholasticum est." Roger McNerney

“Colligium Christendum in Virginium est. Christendum bonum scholasticum est.”
-Ben Tate

Friends of Christendom College freshman Ben Tate reported this week that he “hasn’t shut up with the whole Latin thing” since returning for spring break.

The 19-year-old undergrad had just recently returned from Front Royal, Virginia for break when friends began to notice there was something different and “obnoxious” about him.

“Well, we knew there was something wrong with him the moment we picked him up from the airport,” longtime friend Roger McNerney told EOTT. “When we asked how things were going, he just sat back, took a deep breath and said, “‘Deus bonum est, my friends…Deus…bonum…est.'”

McNerney went on to say that he and other friends are suspicious that Tate sometimes just makes up his own Latin, ending English words with -eum and -eus, knowing that no one else knows the language, and therefore cannot call him out on it.

“Look…I may not know Latin, but I do know BS. I asked Ben if he was gonna be able to study abroad, and he said, ‘Well, Rog, we have an old saying at Christendom…”Roma in Italia est. Italia in Europa est,”‘ which, if I’m not mistaken, is basically just the first two sentences in Lingua Latina.”

“So later, I asked what he thought about the whole North Korea situation and he told me that the ‘Situatsionem non est goodum.”‘

The family of the 19-year-old sophomore would not return our calls, but a spokesman for the Tate family have asked the public to keep their insufferable son in their prayers.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    See now, if he’d gone to Ave Maria, at least he would’ve learned that Socrates spoke Greek, not Latin… 😉

    • AMU Grad

      Sed…Lingua Latina gaudium — et utiles est!

      • Webium bonum est

        Good ol’ Wheelock, right?

        • AMU Grad


          • Little Miss Sunshine

            AMU Grad–In quo anno? Finiam illic hoc anno! 🙂

    • Matthew2626

      He’d also have learned classical latin instead of church latin.

    • Tarzan Smith

      Hope to transfer there in two years. Any I dea if they teach Koine Greek there? Currently I’m at OLSWA in Canada and studying both Latin And Greek.

      • Luke Christopher

        Don’t do it! I transferred from Christendom to Ave and I regret it so much. Ave is the worst!

        • Connor Coyne

          I went from Ave to Christendom. Easily the greatest decision of my life.

  • Michael Schumacher

    Hic articulus melius fuisset lingua latina. QED.

  • Eheu, quid facit? Estne insanus? Cur verba falsa facit? Ut sapientem esse videatur? Praesertim cum Verbis Williami Whitakeri uti possit…

  • Gianna

    I believe the quote/caption should read, “Collegia Christiadi in Virginia est. Collegia Christiadi scholastica bona est.” Unless, of course, that was part of the joke… (And btw, it should be “Deus bonus est.”)

    • Houghton Grandmal

      Unless he intended to say that God is The Good, in which case bonum would be correct and bonus incorrect.

      • Hoc verum est.

      • Tarzan Smith

        Maybe, I’m wrong but doesn’t the verb “to be” take the nominative for both the subject and the object. I know it is in Greek (this is the problem with learning multiple languages at once you forget which rules apply to which or both)

        • Bob_the_other

          It is in the nominative, but “the good” is bonum in the neuter.

  • Ioannes

    Vere, scientia linguae latinae eius est immaculata.

  • Coleen

    O tempora! O mores!

  • St Donatus

    Very funny article, but the historic language of the Church is becoming a uniquely Catholic language and it is truly fun to learn it, to read it, and to enjoy it during the Latin mass. Though I can’t speak it, I can understand much of it when reading it during mass. As the Latin mass continues to grow, interest in latin will grow too.

    Ad majorem Dei gloriam

    • Jakedog72

      I am not so sure that the Latin Mass is continuing to grow as it was under Pope Benedict the XVI. Pope Francis had even made some orders who preform the Latin Mass stop and seek permission if they ever want to do the traditional form. This is the opposite of what Pope Benedict the XVI had done by lifting those very restrictions.

  • Thomas Collins

    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

  • Honest Iago

    “Nihil aliud inveni quam superstitionem pravam, immodicam.” Pliny.

  • Veronica

    Donde esta la biblioteca?

  • Continuate cos

  • KevClark64

    Anybody with Google Translate can speak Latin.

    • Heinz

      Volui probare grammatica fore terribilem, sed iucunde oppressus.

  • anita

    Hey my son and daughter in law graduated from Christendom College!!! It is a wonderful, faith based, real Catholic college!! I’d recommend it to anyone who’s child is looking for a school committed to the teachings of Christ. 🙂

  • Bertrand Fellow

    He’s welcome to join the Society of Such Pious Gents!

  • Michael Fierro

    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes. 🙂

    • Joe


      • Michael Fierro


  • Shannon Marie Federoff

    Pffft.At Wyoming Catholic College, they require four years of Latin. Christendom requires only two. 😉