Area Jesuit Excited About New “Clerics” From Tommy Bahama

May 6, 2013 by  
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Seattle, WA––The Seattle-based manufacturer of casual men’s sportswear Tommy Bahama is set to release its highly-anticipated new line of clothing for Jesuits this week. The clothing company, whose men’s sportswear lines already include Tommy Bahama CollectionTommy Bahama Relax, and Tommy Bahama Denim will begin selling Tommy Bahama Jesuit starting this Saturday. Company Spokesman Richard Snyder told the press Wednesday that there hasn’t been so much anticipation about a new line since the company launched its Eudist collection in 2003. “We already know that Jesuits love our clothing,” Snyder said. “They love the comfort and the vibrant colors that take them far away to a tropical island even while in the midst of the humdrum of daily consecrated life. Simply put, they wanna blend in and be comfortable like the rest of us.” Area Jesuit Fr. Timothy Rapoport told Eye of the Tiber that he was really excited about the Jesuit collection. “I just think it’s about time. We’re obviously a huge consumer of their products, and it’s just nice to know that they’ve finally made a collection that’s intended exclusively for us to wear. You know, just like how only priests wear that black thingy with the white square on the throat.” At press time, Tommy Bahama is preparing to unveil its new LCWR collection, Clothes For Him.