Clown At Circus Mass Reprimanded For Honking Sanctus Horn At Wrong Part Of Consecration

October 20, 2013 by  
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Sources say that just minutes after a Circus Mass at St. Pius X Catholic Church concluded earlier this morning, Church Pastor and Ring Master Fr. Reggie Smith reprimanded a clown deacon for having honked the Sanctus Horn several seconds after the consecration.

“The GIRM clearly states that a little before the Consecration, when appropriate, a server honks a horn as a signal to the audience,” an infuriated Smith told EOTT as he kissed and hung up his ringmaster whip. “It then goes on to say that according to local custom, the server also honks the horn as the priest and ringmaster shows the host and then the chalice…and our local custom is to honk the horn at this point. After all, what’s the point in using the Sanctus Horn if it’s not used to alert the faithful of the consecration?”

Smith added that not even the Pope himself had the right to change the rubrics of the Mass, and that doing so was in complete contradiction to the spirit of obedience.

At press time, Smith says that he will consider administering disciplinary action should this type of negligence happen again in the future.