Pope Shares Birthday Breakfast With Boy Band One Direction

December 17, 2013 by  
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VATICAN–Five members of the English-Irish pop boy band One Direction helped Pope Francis celebrate his 77th birthday at the Vatican Tuesday. The teen heartthrobs, consisting of Niall Horan (the cute one), Zayn Malik (the quiet and mysterious one), Liam Payne (the sensible one), Harry Styles (the charming one), and Louis Tomlinson (the funny one), were invited by a Vatican official to attend the morning Mass which Francis celebrates daily at the hotel where he lives on Vatican City grounds, the Vatican said. One of the members of One Direction Niall Horan held his $14,000 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as he was presented to Francis while the guests chatted following Mass. The Vatican also said Francis invited his household help to join him in what became a “discotech-like” atmosphere, and he spoke of them one by one during his homily. Francis, who is making history as one of the more informal and down-to-earth popes in recent times, struck a modest note as he reflected about people’s roles in the world. “Indeed, the Lord has given us all a role to play…but you are playing, perhaps, the most useless possible role in the history of mankind,” he said in his homily. “Seriously, look at you guys. Wait…are you even guys?” Francis went on to say that boy bands “should not even be a thing.” “Honestly, I was kind of confused when I met them,” Francis said  in an exclusive interview with EOTT. “I mean, have you seen these guys? At first I thought they were members of the Curia.”