Days After Abolishing “Monsignor” Honor For Priests, Pope Abolishes “Priest” Honor For Seminarians

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VATICAN––Days after abolishing the title of “monsignor,” Pope Francis has now reportedly eliminated the practice of granting seminarians the title of “priest,” a Vatican insider told EOTT this morning from Rome. According to a report Sunday by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, only single laymen over the age of 65 will from now on be eligible to receive the title of priest. “The title of priest is primarily honorific, and should normally only be granted to laymen as a reward for service to the church, such as having been an usher for more than four decades,” Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Giovanni Martinelli told EOTT. “Or it should be given as a sign of a unique function a layman has performed in the church, such as being the guy who selects which family will walk the gifts up to the altar.” The title was once granted by a bishop on the recommendation of God. But many have criticized the practice, saying that ordination naturally leads to an “air of careerism in the church.” According to Martinelli, every nuncio across the globe has been asked to write to bishops within their territories to inform them of the pope’s decision and to say that those who have already been given the title of priest can keep it; for now.


  • Michael

    The information you posted here is totally incorrect! Check your
    Sources again please!
    The Pope has said only priests over sixty five
    can receive the title of Monsignor.
    Seminarians have never been allowed to be called
    priests, one is ordained into the priesthood
    it is not an honorific title.

    • Seminarian

      This is a parody website . . .

    • RA

      Pope Michael? Is that you? This site is purely satire. YOU check your sources.

    • M Lawrie

      Its satire lol.

    • Dr. Eric

      Dude, this is a satire website.

    • Joseph a worker

      Has anyone told him it’s satire yet?

    • Tony

      The Satire is absolutely marvelous. The scary thing is the number of Catholics who appear not to have a sense of humour or are oblivious to the fact that they don’t!

  • Anne Morgan

    Satire is supposed to be funny or clever. None of that here.

  • F.A.

    So very sad how few good Catholics have a sense of humor. Laugh people, please!

    • In fairness, all of the fans of this site that I know have thought it was serious at one point, me included!

      At least you know the satire is well done when people believe it to be real, since you really wouldn’t put it past the modern press!

  • Breaux

    Finally. Perhaps now we can end the scourge to the Church that is the clergy. Everyone knows that Jesus wanted and egalitarian, communist paradise where all are equal and the common man has the power! Or maybe that was Marx… Eh, poe-tay-toe, poe-tah-toe

  • gracen

    you are the most clever person!

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