Pope Encourages Women To Reveal Breasts In Sistine Chapel, Feminist Newspaper Reports

January 13, 2014 by  
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VATICAN––“He is 77, celibate, and the Vicar of Christ; a role which, up until his papacy, was known for its prudishness,” Evi Quinn, journalist for the feminist newspaper The Revolution wrote this morning. “But Pope Francis has been quickly evolving the papacy into a more liberal and open-minded position in the Catholic Church, becoming an improbable leader of public nudity, encouraging mothers to reveal their breasts in public.” The Pope’s statement was made to a small gathering Sunday afternoon during a special papal baptism, where Francis made comments encouraging women to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel.  “If [your children] are hungry, mothers, feed them, without thinking twice,” Francis said. Quinn told EOTT this morning that since being elected, Francis had moved the Church forward in spite of the Church. “What he was essentially saying was that the human body is beautiful and that there’s nothing shameful about showing it off in public…especially in church. This was a ringing endorsement of public nudity and of the liberation of the female body. At one point while he was speaking, he pointed upward, as if to say, ‘Do not be afraid. Look up at all the boobage in this place. You are not alone.’”