2-Year-Old Boy Named Lefebvre Being Extremely Disobedient To Father

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Chino, CA–Citing his son’s refusal to adhere to any of his warnings, Robert Kosheta, once proud father of local 2-year-old Lefebvre Kosheta, reported today that he was extremely disappointed with his son’s stubborn refusal to simply listen to him.

After many months of Lefebvre’s ever-growing temper and obstinate resistance to anything his father said, Robert Kosheta told EOTT that he was officially grounded, and would not be able to play with any of his brothers or sisters.

“He’s still allowed to play with his toys,” a worn out Robert Kosheta said. “I can’t take those away from him…but I can ground him until he learns to give in a bit. It’s not even that he refused to listen that really frustrated me, but that he decided to take it upon himself to make four of the neighborhood kids his brothers without my approval. I’m encouraging the rest of my children to stay away from him and these other kids until the matter is resolved.”

At press time, one of Lefebvre’s new brothers, little Clarence Kelly, has broken away from Lefebvre’s new family, splintering the Kosheta family even more.

  • joe

    Deuteronomy 21:18-21Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

    18 If a man have a stubborn and unruly son, who will not hear the commandments of his father or mother, and being corrected, slighteth obedience:

    19 They shall take him and bring him to the ancients of his city, and to the gate of judgment,

    20 And shall say to them: This our son is rebellious and stubborn, he slighteth hearing our admonitions, he giveth himself to revelling, and to debauchery and banquetings:

    21 The people of the city shall stone him: and he shall die, that you may take away the evil out of the midst of you, and all Israel hearing it may be afraid.

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Umm, Mr. Kosheta didn’t mention anything about debauchery and banquetings. I’m not even certain about revelling…though he may be trying to be PC and not reflect poorly on the rest of the family and Lefebre’s “brothers” the “neighborhood kids”.

      I think the punishment is just right if Lefebre is the miserable little tyke pictured. Save the stoning until he reaches the age of reason and continues along this path. Maybe it’s just the Terrible Twos™.

    • Denis Saint Paris

      What’s a son to do when a parent is out of line? What if Kosheta really is a bad parent and wants little Lefebvre to drink vodka, play with matches and break his mother’s finest china? Do we really want little Lefebvre to follow Kosheta?

  • Mitchelle G

    Am I the only one who thinks that this refers to schism?

    • “Lefebvre” didn’t give it away?

    • Aemcpa

      If you are, EOTT should just give up now and go home.

  • anne m

    aaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    I read about this story from a different news sourece.
    It said that it was actually Mr. Kosheta who suggested that all of the kids in the neighbourhood belong to one family, and young Lefebvre was upset because it simply wasn’t true, the family consists only of the natural family. The Father, it was reported, often left his own children at home while he took his newly “adopted” ones (who never actually joined the Kosheta family, their parents said) to the circus and various folk concerts.
    The boy was also upset that the father removed all of the childs toys and renovated the house, not with familiar quality items, but with cheap imported crap from the east.
    The father then gave divers family traditions so that the neighbourhood boys would feel more welcome.
    He recently suggested that this winters “holiday dinner” would not serve turkey and potatoes, but rather cake, because it is easier to digest, and all of the neighbours like it.

    • Ryan Godfrey

      BRILLIANT! Exactly Right. Poor little fellow!

    • I feel obliged to explain that I did not upvote this because I consent to the tenor, but because I think the vehicle is made up quite wittily and fancifully. Though you cannot drive it any further than Ecône, I’m afraid.

      • The Barque of Peter misses you, Your Holiness.

        • Aww, that’s sweet of you, Reverend Sister. But I’m still there, down in the cabin, praying for a good voyage. There is a new helmsman in charge, approved by the crew and the Captain, and I dare say he is in some way just like Vatican II: much different than his friends and foes think. Let us all pray for him that he may continue to lead the barque well, and us within. There are storms ahead we might be facing while he is at the rudder.

        • Allie Toner

          So does half the state of New Mexico

    • steve5656546346

      Brilliant “guest”: and exactly right…

    • Unaware Poet

      At press time, Lefebvre was being reminded yet again that the 4th Commandment isn’t conditional and was last heard muttering something through clenched teeth about his sister wearing pants.

  • Michael Leggett

    Great SSPX send up!

  • Michael Leggett

    Clarence Kelly is SSPV.

  • fredx2

    Mr. Kosheta even allowed little Lefebvre to fully rejoin the family, but the kid just kept biting his father at every turn.

  • Julian Glass

    I blame juvenile delinquency on society, of Pius X.

  • Denis Saint Paris

    What’s a son to do when a parent is out of line? What if Kosheta really is a bad parent and wants little Lefebvre to drink vodka, play with matches and break his mother’s finest china? Do we really want little Lefebvre to follow the bad Kosheta?

  • I am not Spartacus

    Both the SSPX and the SSPV are suspect so IANS is creating the SSP2.5

  • Faithful

    It was later revealed Police have charged “Robert Kosheta” with spiritual and physical abuse of Lefebvre following the dumping of his mother because she was too old and out of fashion. The Police Commissioner pointed just because she was being traditional and older did not justify Robert abandoning his wife for a 1970’s pole dancer he met in Club Bugnini and neglecting beating Lefebvre.

  • Anthony

    Thank you Clarence! For doing things the RIGHT way!