Bosnians Upset To Learn Madonna Concert In Medjugorje Performed By Imposter

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The Bosnian Times is reporting this morning that Medjugorje Mayor Alojzige Zovgo is denying reports that a recent Madonna concert was performed by an impostor.

Many fans became suspicious when the musician began to sing, and lyrics to well known songs appeared inconsistent with original recordings. Skeptics have not yet been able to confirm who may have been impersonating the Material Girl, but Zovgo insists that it is indeed non other than the “material girl” herself.

“I do not care what the skeptics say. It is her, and God willing, she will appear on our stage many more times in the years to some. Most likely everyday, forever.”

  • Skyler von Enn

    Meanwhile, Classic Rock purists are still denying that Madonna’s 1987 World Tour fulfilled her request to have a Russian Tour.

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    This message just in. Does this sound like an imposter to you?

    “Dear fans! Today is the day when I give you a song for the concert, but the whole venue is not listening to the words and is not living them. I am saddened and I want you, dear fans, to listen to me and to love my songs. Every family must sing family songs and read Billboard! Thank you for having responded to my call.”

  • Hah, such a good spoof. So true.

  • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

    Perhaps the song, “Like a Virgin” gave it away…

    • Rusty

      Yes, “like” a Virgin. Not “is” a Virgin…

  • Jim

    I understand the encore number was, “Pope Don’t Preach.”

    • David Poecking

      It could have been La Isla Bonita, “I fell in love with San Pedro.”

  • Diffal

    The Centre for Discography and Film really needs to crack down on these kind of concerts.

    • LatinMassType

      My priest said that we are not allowed to have Madonna appear at our school fundraiser (as had already been scheduled!) because the person might actually be the imposter.

      But if the imposter is that good then what’s the difference?

      • Diffal

        If she’s that good she should sing on her own merits rather than pretending to be someone else. I mean if shes not the real singer but an imposter, as The bosnian times suggests, think of all those poor fans who paid money to see a fake, when what they wanted was the real deal.

        I hear too that it’s a family business,I can’t imagine Madonna’s manager would be very happy either with imposters flying around.

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    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Why would I want to wear sunglasses at night or on a romantic date?

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    • Diffal

      Does the subject of the article wear these sunglasses? I’m begining to see a pattern here. (Maybe that’s the sunglasses too)

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Get them Raybans!

      Madonna© was heard to say, “I call you today to be a lighthouse to all fans who listen in the darkness so that you may shine all the brighter and draw all the more souls.”

  • Mike Dross

    The dead giveaway was when she started going against her producer, mixing in other genres of music, and using the lyrics of Indie wannabes like Our Lady of Gaga. That’s when I knew it was the handiwork of Alice Cooper. Or Millie Vanilli.

    • Jack Kaczmarczyk


  • Bertrand Fellow
  • Hotrod1962

    At my parish, we have a picture of Madonna that we worship.

  • Bertrand Fellow
  • asecularfranciscan

    Oh boy, you’re gonna get email about this one.

  • FatherWagner

    I’ve said this many times before but this time I’m not lying through my teeth: this is absolutely brilliant.

  • George Bell

    I heard the impostor was Mary Carberry.