Grief Counselors Dispatched To San Diego After New Progressive Bishop Named

March 5, 2015 by  
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A mobile team of professional grief counselors and psychologists from Lockword & Sandersen Mental Health, Inc., a clinic based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been dispatched to San Diego to treat Catholics suffering unbearable grief in the wake of the appointment by Pope Francis of the progressive Robert McElroy to be the next Bishop of San Diego and successor of Bishop Cirilo Flores, who died in 2014.

One distraught parishioner, who agreed to speak with EOTT on the condition of anonymity, summed up the feelings of some Catholics in the community. “I am still in shock,” the visibly shaken man said. “A left wing acolyte of the likes of Cardinal Bernardin and the editors of America is actually going to become…and I can hardly bring myself to say it…the bishop of San Diego. If I have to hear one more peep about poverty, I’m going to lose it. And I’m homeless!”

In an ironic twist, Lockword & Sandersen made news in Catholic circles in July of 2012 when they were called in to do the grief counseling with liberal Catholics who were traumatized by the announcement that Salvatore Cordileone, who served as the Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego from 2001-2009, was to become the archbishop of San Francisco. “I have to say,” admitted Lockwood, “we have made a real bundle helping emotionally unstable, volatile Catholics work through their issues.”