Members Of Roman Curia Flood Michael Voris With Invitations To Visit Vatican

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Image: WikiCommons

Image: WikiCommons

Just days after Catholic internet personality Michael Voris revealed that he had been actively involved in homosexuality before his reversion to the faith, sources tell EOTT that the founder of The Vortex has been inundated with emails by members of the Roman Curia inviting him to visit the Vatican.

“We thought it might do him some good to just get away for a while,” one official said. “Sometimes you just gotta get away, you know? You gotta get away with some buddies, drink some beer, shoot some pool…you know, guy stuff. Maybe toss a couple throw pillows on the floor and watch a little Guys and Dolls on DVD, Lemon Drop Martinis…”

After being asked about why the sudden interest in a man that many Church officials criticized in the past, the official said, “Criticized? Who, us? No, no, we never criticized him. He’s one of us, after all. I mean…one of us as in Catholic. He’s Catholic and we’re Catholic. One of us in that way. After all, there’s no other way for him to be one of us, but to be Catholic. And a man. We’re all straight here in the Curia is what I’m getting at. What’s that? Past life, you say? He mentioned that it was part of his past as in, no longer…Oh, I see.”

At press time, Members of the Roman Curia have withdrawn their invitations, claiming they were busy washing their hair that night.

  • Alex

    This is really funny, and maybe a little too soon.

  • Not a fan of his but it was courageous to make his past public. Why laugh at his expense?

    • observant cat

      It seemed to be laughing more at the expense of the Roman Curia. That is expensive indeed.

    • Cecil Corn

      How was it courageous? He was about to be outed anyway for sodomy. He is no hero. He is just another blowhard who thinks he knows better than the rest of the Church. He also has a very bad Trump do.

      • Paula Warnes

        What do you do to put yourself at risk of being berated and shunned, Cecil?

        • mitch64

          I think that was Cecil’s point, he didn’t put himself out there and “risk” being berated and shunned, he was trying to stay ahead of the actual “outing,” and quite friggin un-heroically ..create a smoke screen and distraction by trying to make the AD the Big Bad in all of this.

          • Darran McDonnell

            Still took guts. He always said his life was a ruin before he came to the faith, just never went into detail, which goes without saying that he isn’t required to do.

            Talking about heroes, you must be something shocking to shun a man for revealing the details of his sins in public when he has a motivation to do so. I understand from what you’re saying that you must have revealed all of your worst sins to the mass public at a time when you had no need or motivation to at all?

          • mitch64

            Never did I say he should be shunned for his gayness..or for even his rhetoric so barking up the wrong tree there. Here is the point..I don’t make a career out of railing against people who are, or I insinuate has committed “my worst sins” I did not forge a public personality based on being “a warrior” against the same thing I committed. He had a duty before he donned the mantle of righteousness against this “sin” to come clean way before this. I don’t feel the need to publicly admit my sin as I never created a public career based on demonizing people I THINK may be involved in that sin.

          • Darran McDonnell

            Mitch, I intend no insult but I am beginning to doubt your honesty in this conversation. Where in my last message did I claim you to say that he should be “shunned for his gayness”?

            An ex-alcoholic doesn’t need to admit that he was an alcoholic in order to condemn it. An ex-prostitute can be a warrior against their old vices without being obligated to tell anyone. I’m genuinely not sure where you would get the idea that a person has to have a disclaimer before they condemn something immoral.

            If that was true, wouldn’t you also have a duty to come clean before donning the mantle of righteousness against (what you are saying) his sins are? The fact of the matter is that, despite what you said, you, yourself are demonising a man you THINK is sinful.

            Let’s hear your sins then, ye condemner of cowards, and I will take back my doubts about your honesty.

          • mitch64

            “Talking about heroes, you must be something shocking to shun a man for revealing the details of his sins ..” perhaps I misread?

            Why would an alcoholic (by they by, they are never ex…just as I would argue there is no ex-gay, just a gay person who has chosen not to engage in sexual acts…) not tell other alcoholics they are indeed in the same boat and they live with the same struggles…isnt that what AA is all about? Why would a prostitute not go into the streets and say, “I know why you are here as I came to this also.” Would not a “sinner,” listen more to another sinner then some crazy hyper guy yelling about things with seemingly no sympathy, understanding or relation to someone who is also in that “sin.” ?

            If my sins have any relation to this post or topic of Voris “heroically” outing long ya got cause were going to be here for a while. What you would consider a sin but I don’t is that I am an open homo living with a man! However in my misguided youth I too was not exactly a monk and used people for my own pleasure and with no understanding on the emotional harm I could cause, including several married guys with families…That is in my past but again, if you want names, dates etc you need to sit down and grab a coffee or something…things that I am currently struggling with are that (and I know this will surprise you) can be caustic and unthinking in my comments to people I find annoying. Its very easy to be compassionate and loving to people who care for, but what about people you don’t? However, more to the point I have not made a career of condemning others for the sins that I have. If I did so I would come clean. Is that under stable?

          • Darran McDonnell

            The question wasn’t “Why wouldn’t they?”, you are maintaining that it is obligatory for someone to reveal their own past involvement in some particular evil to the public before condemning it. The question is why, exactly, would it be obligatory? And why did it first appear to your mind that this principle applies to Michael Voris and not also to you? “Career” is a loaded word to use, but after all, even then the idea applies to nobody else. Teachers, instructors, psychologists, police, judges & other catechists aren’t obliged to this.

            The conspiracy resides on your preference to presume the worst of Voris instead of even humoring the possibility of what he says. Are you familiar with the archdiocese of NY? They are fairly renowned throughout the world for being dodgier than a two bob watch, you surely aren’t assuming what they say to be true because they are underhandedly supportive of active, practicing homosexuality and Michael is wholeheartedly against it? That would be more than a little biased.

            Did you expect the Archdiocese to confirm they were going to slander him?

            Perhaps you thought that before they would condemn slander in public they would have had to mention their past faults with slander and that’s how you would know for sure. I don’t think they work this way.

            I’m being harsh, but man, you deserve it. Here’s somebody who voluntarily went into detail about the sins of his past life, to a mass audience, according to you, for no reason at all. And all you can do is claim he is cowardly. He is brave enough to walk away from the sins you are entrenched in, I would hazard an educated guess that is precisely why you hate him. If you feel like a coward for not being able to do the same you aren’t able to accuse him of it.

            Fortunately God’s grace is sufficient for the worst cowards. Do the right thing Mitch, don’t live like this forever. If your conscience gets pricked do something about it and give yourself totally to God who will give you the grace to walk away from it. In 50-60 years we’re all going to be more than a little dead and our own “considerations” on what is and isn’t sinful will be worth nothing.

          • mitch64

            I won’t repeat myself again….if you are going to be a “public ” figure who at makes a career ( and I will not debate you on what the definition of “career,” is, ) out of preaching against and bashing other people’s behavior, and that is the same behavior you have participated in, an honest person would admit it, and what’s more a smart person would know this would come and bite them would do so also. Again, people will listen to people have been in the same situation as them, so if you want to get their attention and get them to listen to you…it just kind of makes sense, in a “Brother I have been there too.”

            Again..he didn’t voluntarily go into detail about the sins of his life..he did so to get ahead of the problem of being outed. Simple as that. I don’t blame him for it but don’t overstate his heroism.

            I have to say, the far right and the far left agree on one thing, “the cartooning,” of everyone’s opinions and emotions. You accuse me of “hating,” Voris, which is an over dramatization to say the least. I find Voris to be a bit of a blowhard, over the top,self righteous, and a bit of joke. That’s the benign feelings. On more negative side I think he does a lot of harm by preying on people’s fear and their own biases, towards the clergy and the Church leadership…(not that I think they are beyond reproach…) and worse towards their own family members, (imagine a kid who has gay feelings whose parents are one of Voris’..”admirers.” Whatever your feeling on this do you think they are going to deal with the kid’s issues in a constructive way?) I think he has a lot to answer for as he wrestles with his own psychosexual issues in a public way, but “hate” him???

            And last but not least, if Voris has the “goods,” on someone in the AD…why does he not produce it instead of veiled accusations of a conspiracy against him? Seems like a lot of hot air and subterfuge on his part.

          • Darran McDonnell

            Common sense would say that he was most likely informed by staff of the Archdiocese that don’t want their identity made known. I mean, that would be the first thing you would presume before making the assumption of “hot air and subterfuge”.

            You’re restating yourself, though honesty would oblige you to engage what I said as opposed to ignore it. If that’s as far as it goes then I will only restate myself. Yes, an honest person MIGHT publicly reveal, in detail, the sins of their past life prior to conversion, but they are not obligated to in any way, shape or form. You are trying to make it out as though it is a shocking fault about him, which is plainly pathetic in the first instance, and in the second, inconsistent. You don’t maintain the same principle for anybody else, only Voris.

            Hatred is known through works, Mitch. You have presumed him to be dishonest, that he “preys on peoples fear and biases”, that he is “self righteous”. You’ve presumed that he has been doing something other than reiterate Catholic Doctrine. That he has been preaching some kind of heavy handedness against people (or kids, and you mentioned cartooning) with same sex attraction, then, that “his admirers” would be something the same. You’ve called him a “joke” and given the Archdiocese of NY the presumption of innocence to the gold standard degree, despite their known corruption.

            An honest man also allows himself to get at least knee deep in information before passing comments. Someone who is dishonest skims and jumps to conclusions. That is also a form of hatred. No cartoon needed.

          • mitch64

            I don’ t see any point that you have brought up I haven’t discussed. as a matter of fact I told you what my sins are to answer you, but you ignored that and you keep you keep hitting the same beats after this issue and really anyones interest in Voris has been done for a while.

            Bad debating there…to accuse someone who disagrees with someone as having “hatred,” for that person. That is the same as anyone who disagrees with some tactics in “Black Lives Matter” are racists. Quite the opposite, again and I repeat myself as you bring it up, I feel sorry for Voris. How can you NOT feel sorry for someone who seems so obsessed, unhappy and angry and who lashes out at others? But I feel more sorry for the people who may have been hurt by him. Again, lets hope he finds peace with himself and with that, realize that hurting others now, does not make up for the sins one committed in the past. Last of my discussion on this my friend, take care.

          • Ursula

            No one has a duty to publicly confess all his sins in their gory details before publicly proclaiming the good news of the gospel or the teachings of the Catholic Church. Where do you come up with such a ‘duty’anyway?. Also on that topic, If I admit that I am a sinner and I still struggle with sin (as St Paul does when he said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak) then I am not being a hypocrit when I do not live up to the standards of everything that I believe to be right and true and good If perfection were required to preach the gospel then only Jesus would have be able to preach the good news. But he told us to go our and make disciples of all nations. He had no illusions about our imperfections when he said that.

          • mitch64

            Again….read my thoughts. Voris has made the better part of his career whipping people into a frenzy about evil of “homosexuals,” and the “smoke of Satan,” they bring to the Church..whipping that fake sword around like a bad used car sales commercial (and we are SLASHING prices my friends) and outing people, if not outright by innuendo, at will. If you can’t make the connection between that and his past then its either willful on your part or there is no use discussing it.

      • FranktheMc

        I figure if God loves me, I have to love myself. Seeing anyone consumed in self-hatred is just sad.

    • Paula Warnes

      He made his past public because the “Roman Curia” was on the verge of blackmailing him and trying to destroy him. Nice, huh?

    • Adam Hovey

      This article relies on negative stereotypes about homosexuals make it longer

      • mitch64

        I’m gay and thought it was kind of funny…let’s not get like the right wing bible thumpers and take ourselves too seriously. Though really DVD’s and Lemon Drop Martinis..that is SO 2003!

      • Heinz

        homosexuals make it longer?

        Punctuation matters. In german we have:
        Der brave Mann denkt an sich. Selbst zuletzt!

    • VeilOfTiers

      I don’t think it’s a jab at Michael but more of a jab at the Curia.

      I admire Michael.

  • Tim Ryland


    • BroVinny

      I thought it was funny.

  • Daniel Franklin Layman

    Awesome. You’re getting into hard-hitting stuff here, but maybe it’s what the Holy Spirit ordered?

  • I don’t know who this Voris guy is, but since he received an invitation to the Vatican he clearly isn’t a conservative Republican.

    • Paula Warnes

      He actually is. It is reverse humor.

  • Brilliant.

  • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

    Edgy. The inversion of the time line is brilliant, and increases the pro-active defensive strategy of MV’s announcement. So much for the purple prose!

  • Paula Warnes

    Too true to be humorous. We live in disturbing times. p.s. Michael Voris is a friggin’ hero..

  • What if his past makes him curiously curia material, who is me to judge?

  • Sigroli

    Very, very tacky. Not EOTT at its best.

    • mitch64

      Tacky, that’s what I liked about it…(though agreed not its best.)

  • TheAfroSam


  • We may or may not have all laughed at this at our Friday afternoon bowling trip.

    • Monk

      Please don’t bring bowling into this. I’m not aware of any bowling scandals and you’re dragging a decent sport into the lurid limelight.

      • Jim

        I’m not sure how decent bowling is. I mean, look at how many would-be bowlers end up in the gutter.

        • Monk

          How narrow the path and constricted the lane that leads to a 300 game. And those who find it are few.

  • samton909

    In accordance with Amorous Laetitia, they wanted to help him to “discern” something. “Come closer, Michael, let’s examine Foot Note 351 together”.

  • Monk

    Is the shirtless, “beefcake” photo in the link to “How Zak Efron Got Ripped For ‘Baywatch'” just coincidence?

    • Monk

      Now, all kidding aside, Michael Voris’ experience of ill-preparedness due to a lack of substantive catechesis is one shared by legions. And we’re all coping and compensating for this as best as we can.

  • CumExApostolatus

    I love converts and reverts, especially when they shut up, sit down, and not pretend to teach others about orthodox Catholicism.

    • You lie, sir! How can you love what you know not? and how can you know that which does not exist?
      To shut UP, and then sit DOWN is all too much for one who has converted and reverted.

    • Bershawn300

      God forbid others besides cradle Catholics (who apparently allowed the Church to sink into this condition for the past fifty years?) would help shed light on orthodoxy.

      • CumExApostolatus

        Go ahead. Trust the ‘converts’. Enjoy.

        • Bershawn300

          As a convert myself (no apostrophes needed, thank you), I have already had to

          – ‘mention’ to my cradle Catholic director of RCIA that Holy Eucharist did not simply mean the ‘mystical body of Christ’, as he had asserted three times, but that it was truly the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Our Lord

          – discuss that purgatory is real and is a doctrine of the Church (and therefore non-negotiable) to a cradle Catholic priest who was trying to convince me that purgatory was a relic of the patriarchy from medieval times

          So, I will keep an open mind. Some cradle Catholics really know their faith. Some don’t. Many converts and reverts know their faith because they HAD to (like myself) wrestle with these doctrines before even considering coming into the Church.

          I would suggest we band together on points of orthodoxy with cradles, converts, and reverts as much as possible and strive to build up even more orthodoxy in our respective parishes, rather than play a game of ‘let’s you and him fight’ while the Church suffers another fifty years like the past fifty. We need all the orthodoxy we can get! PEace.

          • CumExApostolatus

            My beef is with the plethora of converts and reverts who are online, blogging, writing articles, making videos, etc. and who want to tell the rest of us what is/isn’t orthodox.
            I’m talking about ‘converts’ like Mark Shea, Simcha Fisher, Dawn Eden and Mike Voris and similar. I’m rather sick of those types of converts and reverts. Converts are great, but I question the reasons/motivations why so many of them want to take leadership positions.

  • William of Orange

    This is offensive. The curia is not all gay. Probably more correct to call it bi-curia.