Vatican’s Hit Television Show “World’s Next Top Cardinal” Renewed

January 5, 2017 by  
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Image: Carolus

Image: Carolus

The most successful elevation reality TV series in Catholic television history, World’s Next Top Cardinal, has been renewed.

This Spring, Season 3 of WNTC will be strutting down the center aisle runway on VaricanH1 with a new host, panel members, and a batch of brand new ecclesiastical experts. As always, the competition will feature an all-male cast competing for the coveted auriphrygiata.

“In 2017, cardinaling is going to be a way to explore broader notions of Jesus, religion, and celebrity while showcasing yourself as a brand,” said executive producer Pope Francis. “Cardinals are less relevant than they’ve ever been before which makes the upcoming season of World’s Next Top Cardinal as relevant in culture as the show has ever been.”

As more and more cardinals have moved from exclusively existing in the “Liturgical world” to being central pop figures that get mocked and ridiculed on the Catholic blogosphere, WNTC will reflect this major Catholic cultural shift in showcasing “cardinaling” as a whole new calling, and a whole new way of making every viewer feel welcome no matter the cost.