Church Holds Fundraiser To Purchase New La-Z-Boy Recliner For Perpetual Adoration Chapel

April 6, 2017 by  
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Several sources confirmed today that St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church has begun its fundraising campaign to raise money to purchase a brand new La-Z-Boy for the adoration chapel.

“We’re really hoping to attract more people to sign up for the midnight to about 5 am adoration slot,” said church council member Rhonda Valdez. “Getting people to sign up during the day has never been an issue, but when it comes to those late night, early morning hours, that’s when we’re always scrambling to fill spots.”

The La-Z-Boy would replace the current stationary chair, which many believe is the reason few people parishioners have been signing up for the late night hours in the past few decades.


“3 am…that’s a hard hour,” Deacon Ken Salazar told EOTT this morning. “But we’re confident that if we’re able to raise the approximate $595 plus tax and shipping for the new Comfort Supreme Saddle Leather Power Recliner with Bluetooth, we’ll be able to more easily fill the difficult hours. Just think about it…if the head of your home deserves a proper throne, why not your adoration chapel? The pampering power recliner is upholstered in saddle leather, which lends a weathered, durable look minus the expense. From lavish padding and channeled stitching, to a cup holder, built in refrigerator, and USB/power outlets, this piece will make adoration feel like you’re dozing off to the rosary in your own bed.”