Ushers Forcibly Remove Communicant After Overbooked Palm Sunday Mass Runs Out Of Communion Hosts

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Image:Felix Burton

Image:Felix Burton


A video posted late Sunday evening shows a parishioner in a Palm Sunday Mass at St. Isidore Catholic Parish being forcibly removed from church just before communion.

The video taken from an aisle seat a few pews behind the man being removed shows other parishioners reciting the Agnus Dei. The 33-second clip goes on to show three ushers wearing radio equipment speaking with a man seated in his pew. After a few moments, one of the men grabs the parishioner, who is then dragged by the arms toward the back of the church. He is later seen running back into the church, face bloodied from the altercation.

The incident has also prompted at least one of the ushersโ€™ suspension and created a publicity nightmare for St. Isidore Catholic Church.

“It was very traumatic,” said parishioner Roberta Lindstrom who says she is still haunted by the event. “It was horrible. I had trouble sleeping that night as well as Monday of Holy Week.”

Pastor of St. Isidore Fr. Mark Babbit asked communicants to give up their chance at receiving the Eucharist voluntarily for spiritual compensation, such as a future Mass said for them, or two communion hosts next time they attended Mass. When no one volunteered, the church was forced into an “involuntary de-reception situation,” Babbit told EOTT.

โ€œWhile I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind our ushers, and I want to commend them for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly to Jesus right. We weighed a number of factors to determine which parishioners would leave the church, such as how recently and frequently communicants went to confession and how much their average tithe was. Our ushers followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this and they should be applauded.โ€

  • Peter Black

    Break the wafers in half? Just a thought?????

    • Rita Mauget Ban

      that’s what we did…

    • said she

      Satire. Eye of the Tiber is making fun of the United Airlines incident.

      • Priscilla Laliberte

        And rightfully so.

      • Monk

        No, you have that reversed. EOTT is real. United Airlines is satirically mocking the RC Church.

    • Joe

      Parish procedures were followed. Meanwhile, Fr. Babbitt is “acting with a sense of urgency” to try and sweep this under the rug.

  • Charles

    Intrepid reporters have discovered the de-communicated parishioner had tangled with ecclesial authorities back in 2005 for a brief, but intense, flirtation with an SSPX parish just outside the city limits. Pastor Babbit’s Ordinary issued a statement citing that as further “evidence” that questioned the gentlemen’s lack of prudence and charity.

    • samton909

      The British papers have it slightly differently. Apparently the man was arrested in 2005 for taking samples of holy water out of the receptacle. He then exchanged the holy water for “favors” from a Furry.

    • susanna

      It had not been reported that he bore “The Mark of the SSPX” so that explains everything. (Usually they are just quietly transferred to other parishes.)

  • susanna

    Why is Palm Sunday always overbooked?

    • Ed Morrissey

      It’s the parishioners’ fault. If they would call to cancel on other Sundays, then churches wouldn’t need to routinely overbook for Holy Week.

      • Vince M Sr

        Has something to do with people getting free household decorations which provide proff that they are Catholic similar to the receiving ashes
        Others believe it is the only time they get something out of going to Mass.

        • HermitTalker

          A priest friend talks about C and E and Ash and Palm Catholics.

  • Richardson McPhillips

    ok, I didn’t know about the plane thing, but now it’s funny!

  • Ed Morrissey

    It turns out that the church wasn’t technically overbooked, but they had four deacons who needed to take seats in order to serve at later Masses in Kentucky.

  • Jim Brooks

    So I take it that St. Isidore’s isn’t part of the Church of Nice network that Voris is always harping on about

    • More Tea Vicar?

      I only heard about Our Lady of the Roadside Dumpster or something like that … a catch-all name for parishes where priests who are not in the Church of Nice ”in-crowd” are shafted/exiled.

  • HermitTalker

    From now on, they will use the OLD MATH to count the congregation. OR get an atheist Loaves and Fish Bible Scholar to get the people to share theirs.

  • William of Orange

    I thought that happened at the UNITED church.

    • HermitTalker

      They would go get more crackers.

      • William of Orange

        Please don’t refer to our symbol as a mere cracker. You demean it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • RightinGeorgia

    I do not understand these self centered communicants who think their reception of the Eucharist is more important than others. It’s right in the Catechism that ignoring the instructions of a duly authorized usher is grounds for excommunication. Of course had I been the usher I would not have used excessive force…..just enough force is plenty.

    • HermitTalker

      Ya mean a Wimpy Democrat Usher. We voted them out – to make CHURCH strong again. No PUSSY-FOOTING around, Heh hee

  • parishioner ordinaire

    Become a member of the Bishop’s Circle for the annual diocesan appeal. You will be guaranteed two preferred aisle seats in the back pew, late arrival communicant privileges (after the homily is fine), the right to leave before the final procession.

    • Kathryn Coe

      you made me snort tea all over my desk! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Patti

    That man is well known to parishioners for not fasting the full hour before communion. If you look closely at the video, I think he even had gum in his mouth.

  • Monk

    Of course, singing All Are Welcome ad nauseum, i.e., even only once, on preceding Sundays makes St. Isidore Catholic Church fair target for criticism.

  • Rusty

    I’ll fly away, oh glory
    I’ll fly away in the morning
    When I die, Hallelujah by and by
    I’ll fly away

  • Lee Bacchi

    This one is a real gem!

  • Cheryl Enns

    What they need are more disgruntled Protestants seeking shelter in the Catholic church. We would happily give up the Palm Sunday communion in exchange for permission to participate in any other communion during the year. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HermitTalker

      Cheryl Neither satirical nor logical as I readit. “Snow again, I missed your drift.” Blessed Easter.

  • johnhenry

    I only visit this site once in a blue moon, which is because I have a weak heart.