Jason Evert Warns Against Premarital Speaking In New Talk To Teens

May 2, 2018 by  
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Prominent chastity speaker Jason Evert Monday morning warned students at St. Joseph Catholic High School against the temptation to speak to people of the opposite sex until marriage, saying it could lead to premarital sex.

“It’s definitely a gateway to sex,” Evert told EOTT after the hour-long talk. “We need to not only stay away from near occasions of sin, but away from occasions that might lead us to occasions that will lead to other occasions that eventually lead us to the near occasion of sin. Speaking leads to looking or vice-verse, and looking leads to attraction, which may lead to lust, and from lust comes sex, sin, and eternal damnation. ”

When asked whether Evert was suggesting arranged marriage as a better alternative to dating or courting, Evert said that he did not “at all” believe in arranged marriage, but that he simply believed that a man and a woman should be chosen by their parents without having a say in the matter.

At the end of his talk, Evert passed out chastity cards, encouraging all the students to pledge themselves to Christ and to vow to never speak to someone of the opposite sex. He then encouraged those who truly wanted Christ above all others to not even speak to members of the same sex, saying that this could have some begin to question their own sexuality.

“We must try our best to stay away from all near occasions of sin and even occasions that do not lead us to sin. Caution is key. Remember that story of that mother and son that fell in love and got married? If they had never spoken, they would never have had a chance to get to know each other and to eventually fall in love. Moral of the story I guess is to never speak. I want all of you to make one final call to your parents right now—tell them ‘Get thee behind me, Satan’ and say goodbye forever.”