New Diocesan Study: Marital Issues The Number One Cause Of Divorce

November 7, 2018 by  
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A shocking and controversial new study out today by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles found that a vast majority of divorces are caused by marital issues.

“Our figures undeniably show that a more than average amount of divorces in the United States have been the consequence of married couple not liking each other enough to want to remain married,” Archdiocese representative Kirby McClintock told the press, adding that the study was a particular shock to researchers, who had begun the study under the notion that too much love was the actual cause of divorce.

“We have unfortunately giving priests and Catholic marriage counselors the wrong information regarding divorce. Up till now, the majority of relationship experts have believed that divorce was due in part to an excessive amount of love. Love for one’s spouse, as well as praying too much together. For decades now we believed that couples divorced because their boundless love for one another was so strong that the universe just could not contain it. We were sadly wrong.”

The study also went on to say that a great number of prayers remained unanswered because individuals were praying too hard and far too often.