Iraqi Christian Who Risks Life To Attend Mass Not Super Concerned About Bad Church Music Right Now

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    Tel Keppe, Iraq–As Iraqi Christian Raghda Ablahad and three other family members risked their lives to attend Sunday Mass in Tel Keppe, Iraq, this week, Ablahad reported to family members that Catholics around the world were, at that very moment, “no joke,” complaining about female altar servers, as well as the music at Mass. Ablahad told family members that, though she, herself, was not a big fan of the music played at her church,... Read More

Report: Some 2nd Century Roman Christians Hated Latin Mass Because It Was Said In The Vernacular

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ROME–A letter written by an anonymous early Roman Christian was unearthed at the base of the Palatine Hills earlier this week, revealing that many Christians living in Rome at the time hated the Latin Mass because it was being said in the vernacular. The letter, which scientists are dating back to the early 2nd century, reveals much angst and division in the early Church between those who believed it was acceptable to use the vernacular during... Read More

Woman Who Believes Church Has No Respect For Women Can’t Wait To See Fifty Shades Of Grey

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South Jordan, UT––Citing the Catholic Church’s centuries old “tradition” of misogyny and overall hatred toward women, local Catholic Debra Wilhelm told friends and family today that she, nevertheless, could hardly wait another moment for the release of the new Fifty Shades of Grey film. “The Catholic Church is not only one of the most anti-woman institutions in the world, but it has also been led by some of the most chauvinistic men, whose... Read More

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