First Lady Melania Trump Swats Away President’s Hand During Our Father

May 24, 2017 by  
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For the second time in just a few days, first lady Melania Trump was seen avoiding holding hands with her husband Donald Trump, this time at the Vatican during the recitation of the Our Father.

Just days after she was caught swatting President Trump’s hand away in Israel, Melania was again seen swatting away her husband’s hand, this time in front of the Pope.

“Awwwkward,” said Pope Francis.

Adding insult to injury, Trump has a fondness for holding hands, especially during the Our Father, one source close to the President told EOTT.


“The President has a fondness for holding hands in most situations, especially when it comes to the Our Father. Some say that his wife prefers not to. Others say that she does prefer to hold hands, just not with her husband because his hands are so small that she spends most of her time during the Our Father unable to focus on praying, but rather, trying to figure out whether or not she’s holding anything at all.”