With No Sports Stars To Idolize, Local Christian Temporarily Forced To Worship God

April 20, 2020 by  
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Guest Writer: Kevin Kukla (ProLife365.com)

With no reason to check on any of his fantasy leagues, local sports fanatic Tom Wilhelm reluctantly announced Tuesday morning that he planned to renew a former passion of his–a daily prayer life with God.

“He’s now hitting his knees every morning and every night!” reported his wife, Tammy.  “When this COVID-19 lockdown went into place, he emerged from his man cave for the first time in weeks.  He’s now developed a tan and even sleeps in our bed again.”

“Sure, I know that most of his prayers are directed towards the NBA and baseball seasons returning as soon as possible, but what the heck–it’s a start.”

In the meantime, Tammy has enjoyed all the time their children now get to play with their father. 

“Tom is definitely thankful to have this opportunity to relearn his children’s names.”