Audience Of Undecideds Patiently Await Good Zinger To Decide Their Vote

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Mike Segar/Reuters After patiently enduring a 90-minute presidential debate last night, undecided voters at Hofstra University in Long Island were left wanting after lackluster zinger performances by both presidential candidates. For an hour and a half, undecided voters anxiously waited for either of the candidates to make just one quick-witted, in-your-face zinger that would once and for all... Read More

Biden and Ryan End Debate With Recitation Of Rosary

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Kevin Lamarque / Reuters Danville, KY––After a heated and combative debate at Centre College last night, Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan took to their knees to say and reflect on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. It was the first time in history that two Roman Catholic vice presidential candidates shared the stage for a debate, and as expected, the two put their differences aside... Read More