“Habemus Papas Fritas!” Waiter Joyfully Announces To Cheering Crowd At Local Restaurant

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Image: Keith McDuffee Papas Fritas, sliced potato batons deep-fried in oily goodness, was elected as the next dish up Tuesday evening as an eager, hungry crowd at a local eatery cheered in excitement. The crowd at table 10 cheered for some seconds as their waiter emerged onto the top step leading out of the kitchen with a hot plate in hand. “Fratelli e sorelle carissimi,” the waiter began. “Queridísimos hermanos y hermanas. Bien chers frères et... Read More

Francis Decentralizes Church; Bishops Decentralize Dioceses

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Just days after Pope Francis called for a “healthy decentralization” of power in the Catholic Church, Bishops at the Synod have now announced that they are calling for a “healthy decentralization” of power in their dioceses, giving more decision-making authority for local pastors. The bishops made their comments at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Synod of Bishops, a worldwide gathering of bishops that occasionally... Read More

Bishops Discuss Communion For Divorced And Remarried Gay Couples

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Members at the Synod on the Family have entered into one of the most controversial subjects facing the Synod: how should the Church treat gay persons who divorce their same-sex partners and remarry without first obtaining permission from the Church. Insiders at the Synod say that bishops were divided as to how to handle the “sticky” situation regarding homosexual couples that have divorced and remarried without first obtaining an annulment from the... Read More

Brawl Erupts At Synod

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Image: Wolfgang Stuck A massive brawl broke out Thursday morning at the Synod during the 90-hour opening address by Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdo, witnesses are reporting. The brawl broke out just after Cardinal Erdo appeared to have concluded his four day opening address to the bishops before informing them that he would begin the second half of his address after a short restroom break. Footage obtained by EOTT shows a tired and disgruntled Cardinal Walter... Read More

Vatican Does Not Deny Francis Visit With Tom Brady; Tells QB To “Stay Strong”

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Image: Andrew Campbell/Flickr   A source close to Pope Francis this week reported to the media that His Holiness met privately in Washington last week with Tom Brady, the quarterback in New England who defied an NFL order to not deflate balls and cheat during games. Senior Vatican officials initially did not confirm that the meeting had occurred until Wednesday afternoon, though they refused to discuss any of the details. Mr. Brady, the star quarterback... Read More