Female Parishioners Upset That Men Not Also Being Asked To “Set The Altar” Before Mass

January 31, 2013 by  
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Baker, OR–Female Parishioners at St. John Bosco Parish in Baker, Oregon have sent a letter to Bishop Liam Cary accusing their pastor Fr. Maurice Alvarez as well as Deacon Bob Ley of sexism and chauvinism. The one-page complaint letter alleges, among other things, that Alvarez “sits back in the rectory with Deacon Bob every Sunday before Mass, laughing it up, while the women are made to dress the altar and do all the little things around the church.” Beverly Rapkin, who drafted the letter to Cary, told Eye of the Tiber this afternoon that Alvarez had never even once asked if they could use an extra hand. “It’s not that we even really need their help,” Rapkin said. “They’d probably just get in the way anyway. All we want is them to ask once in a while. Maybe some recognition or a thank you.” Rapkin went on to retorically ask Eye of the Tiber if this was the 50’s, and if not, then why all the men should just sit arournd while the women slave over an altar. At press time, Deacon Bob was apologizing, profusely, even though Beverly knows full well that he doesn’t just sit around all day, and that she wouldn’t be so upset if she could see the stress he was under at work.