Paula Deen Not In Hot Water After Using Anti-Catholic Slur

June 30, 2013 by  
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Savannah, GA––Just weeks after admitting she used racist and anti-Semitic comments years ago, new video obtained by Radar Online shows celebrity chef Paula Deen making anti-Catholic comments to Food Network executive Ronald Fowler. The video, obtained by the entertainment and gossip website, shows Deen in her dressing room calling Fowler a “cookie-worshiping papist,” and going on to say that the “little cod-eating mackerel snapper” would lose his job if he didn’t do as he was told. But fans and celebrities have voiced their support for Deen, telling reporters that it was her right to say what she wanted under the First Amendment. In a written statement to the AP yesterday, Food Network President Tabitha McDonald defended Deen, saying, “We at the Food Network do not endorse her views or actions, but we endorse her rights under the First Amendment.” Sponsors have also flocked to Deen’s defense just days after severing ties after allegations that the Emmy Award-winning television personality made racist remarks years ago. “What some overly-sensitive Catholics are saying about her is unfair,” said a Target representative. “We felt that we needed to show her our support. We plan on renewing our relationship with her in the days to come.”