Man Who’s Able To Bring Christ Down From Heaven To Earth Required To Get Permission From Parish Council For Something

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Image: WIkiCommons

Image: WIkiCommons

Fr. Kenneth Roberts of Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Albany, New York announced today that despite having the power and authority to bring Christ down from Heaven during the Mass, he is still, for some unfathomable reason, still  required to get permission from the parish council about most everything he does.

“I guess I’m just kinda confused,” Roberts told EOTT after his request for money to purchase a more proper tabernacle was denied. “I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though…sometimes people forget that I’m able to do things that angels can’t even do.”

Parish Council member Joan Merriman told EOTT that, although she was sorry about their decision in this particular case, that she could not apologize for his requirement to pass things by them before making decisions.

“Although Fr. Roberts does indeed act in persona Christi as he forgives me of all my deepest, darkest sins, it’s still necessary for him go through us so that he doesn’t make any silly decisions like spending money on traditional vestments when we could be using that money on new banners and balloons for the church.”