Area Catholic Confirms Too Many Obligations To Make It To Mass On Holy Day Of Obligation

August 15, 2013 by  
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Rancho San Diego, CA––29-year-old Catholic Tony Rigali confirmed to his family earlier today that due to all the “things on his plate,” he would be, unfortunately, having to skip Holy Day of Obligation Mass today in honor of the Feast of the Assumption. “Yeah, it’s just, I’m so swamped Thursdays cause of work and stuff. And this week especially cause I got the fish bowl I gotta clean, as well as my hair…not to mention drinks with my friend. Wow, I almost forgot about that!” Rigali went on to amend his statement saying that, by “drinks with friends” he meant a meeting about work in an establishment where alcohol is regularly served.  “Ah! I’m so annoyed!” continued Rigali. “And I wanted to go so bad. Obligations, obligation, obligations! What can I do? They’re obligations and they gotta be taken care of.” Rigali’s mother, Deb Rigali, told EOTT that although she was sad he could not make it to Mass, that he was taking care of business like the man he was raised to be. “There never was an obligation he didn’t meet.”