USCCB Announces Publication Of New Mad Libs Missal

May 8, 2014 by  
Filed under Parish Life

In hopes of providing the nation’s Catholic priests a way to follow the Missal, while at the same time preserving the creative outlet some need to prevent boredom, the USCCB announced today the publication of an all-new Mad Libs Roman Missal.

The new Missal, due out next month, allows the presiding priest to insert the adverbs and adjectives he feels best fits the mood of that particular day.

“There’s a debate in this country about why so many Catholics aren’t attending Mass,” said USCCB spokesman Margaret Charter. “Some say it’s because there’s too much ad libbing during the Mass, which turns off more traditional-minded people. Others say it’s the complete opposite, and that not enough Masses are ad libbed, turning off more liberal-minded people. I think we’ve found a good medium with the Mad Libs Missal.”

Parishioners objecting to the new Missal are being encouraged to take full advantage of this exciting new way to participate in the Mass, and to brush up on their adjectives, possessive nouns, and love for the Lord, Holy Father, (adjective) and Eternal (noun).