New Study Shows Larger Number Of Faithful Catholics Living In Mosul Than In California

July 28, 2014 by  
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According to a new report out today by the Vatican, there are currently more Catholics who adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church currently residing in war-torn Mosul than in California.

The report shows that although the Christian population in Mosul has been completely decimated by members of ISIS, thereby leaving not a single Christian in the region, that it still somehow boasts a larger number of wholehearted Christians than in California.

One Christian who was forced to move from his home in Sacramento, Cameron Baker, told EOTT that he prays every day that he can one day return to his home. “When liberalism and relativism invaded California, I was forced to leave my job and my home. I had to move to a more morally safe part of the country. We still have a family member in California, but we still have not heard from him. We pray every day that he is fine.”

Baker’s wife, Jane Baker, told EOTT that they had originally considered moving to Mosul, but that they would not leave until they heard from a relative still purportedly living in California. “I will never forget the day when soldiers came to our home and drew a rainbow on our door. They gave us three options. We could accept gay marriage, pay a heterosexual tax, or face death by having to watch Bravo.”