Devout Catholic Becomes Atheist After Watching Movie “Heaven Is For Real”

January 15, 2016 by  
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Describing the movie Heaven Is For Real as one of the most obnoxious and heavy-handed movies he’d ever seen, local Catholic Dennis Macias told EOTT this morning that he’s decided to become an atheist.

The 26-year-old California man, who had been planning on entering the religious life this June, formally withdrew his application to the monastery after having what he called “the most terrifying 99-minute experience” of his life.

“The movie had just ended when I began to seizure because of the trauma caused by the hour and a half vision of hell I was forced to watch,” a teary-eyed Macias said, reliving his life-altering experience. “I remember just leaning back after the seizure and wondering how a God can exist and allow such things to happen to people like myself. Why would he allow such bad acting and such a crazy story? Why would he test his people like that? You’re telling me that a kid tells his father that he saw a man in a picture while he was passed out in surgery and that’s that? And we’re supposed to just believe him? Literally, the dad takes out a picture of a his deceased father and asks whether the boy saw the man in the picture, and the kid says ‘yes.’ And then he goes on and on about all the random people he saw.”

Macias went on to explain how his place in the universe simply began to shrink and shrink as the movie went along until, finally, 99-minutes later, he did not feel in anyway “significant in the grand scheme of life.”