Outrage After Catholic University Accidentally Hires Practicing Catholic To Head Department Of Theology

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Image:-Walleigh   A Catholic university is under fire this week after school administrators accidentally hired 37-year-old Todd Alguire, a practicing Catholic, to head their Department of Theology. Diocesan bishop Kevin Sterling  has now demanded an investigation into the ‘offensive’ hiring after rumors spread that students would need to “brush up on the fundamentals of the Catholic  faith” before beginning this upcoming semester. Ryan Gurley,... Read More

Head Of Vatican Secret Archives Enjoys Muttering Cryptic Half-Sentences Just To Mess With People’s Heads

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  Head of Vatican Secret Archives Monsignor Luigi Alfresco admitted to close friends today that he often passes the time during private archive tours muttering cryptic things to himself to mess with people’s heads. “I’ve been giving these private tours for new cardinals for 43 years,” Alfresco told EOTT. “I can do them in my sleep, so now, just to keep myself from falling asleep during a tour, I’ll begin muttering... Read More

Mitch Pacwa Expelled From Society Of Jesus After Being Caught With Catechism

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  Popular television personality and speaker Fr. Mitch Pacwa has been expelled from the Society of Jesus after being caught in possession of a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church earlier this week, Jesuit officials are reporting. According to Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa, Pacwa was seen in possession of the Catechism while travelling with fellow Jesuits. Fr. Gerard Nunez immediately reported the “disturbing incident”... Read More

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