Pope Saving Ring Pop All For Himself Today

March 26, 2019 by  
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Recent footage of Pope Francis shows him repeatedly pulling his hand away from a line of people attempting to take a lick of his Ring Pop.

The one-minute video of Pope Francis not allowing anyone a taste the strawberry flavor of the Ring Pop has drawn much controversy since it surfaced Monday, pitting conservatives against liberals.

“He definitely understands the importance of the ring—how yummy it is,” said Jesuit priest Thomas Lovett. “But most of all, he understands the importance of himself. He wants people to engage with him and not with the Ring Pop. He’s making sure that visitors are there for him and nothing else. He simply doesn’t want to be used.”

But others like conservative blogger P90 Excelsis Deo told EOTT that the video is “disturbing to say the least.”

This has absolutely nothing to do with the pope. Trust me, without that Ring Pop on his hand, no one with any sense would want to meet him. They’re there for the sweetness of that ring and nothing else. Trust me when I say that not many people in the world ever have the opportunity to taste one of these. And for him to take that moment away from them—it’s pathetic. He thinks that he’s bigger than the ring, and that’s what’s truly sad about all this. He truly believes that he is greater than the office.”