New Line Of Sleek, Sexy Ankle Length Jean Jumpers Stirs Up Controversy At Homeschool Fashion Show

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Renowned homeschool fashion designer Mary Elisabeth O’Conner kicked off this year’s Homeschool Fashion Show, unveiling her new line of sleek and racy ankle length jean jumpers. The event, which also featured many other star-studded designers and their lines of long white undershirts and black clogs, has come under scrutiny from the Homeschool Society of Virginia, whose President recently called... Read More

Area Jesuit Excited About New “Clerics” From Tommy Bahama

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Seattle, WA––The Seattle-based manufacturer of casual men’s sportswear Tommy Bahama is set to release its highly-anticipated new line of clothing for Jesuits this week. The clothing company, whose men’s sportswear lines already include Tommy Bahama Collection, Tommy Bahama Relax, and Tommy Bahama Denim will begin selling Tommy Bahama Jesuit starting this Saturday. Company Spokesman... Read More

Dominican Still Wearing White Months After Labor Day

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Mr. Blackwell’s annual worst dressed list came out yesterday, naming popular Dominican radio personality Father Vincent Serpa as Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2012. “Father Vincent exemplifies the complete opposite of what fashion is meant to be,” Cherry Dean, a Blackwell representative told the press after the announcment yesterday morning. “In lieu of Diesel, he wears Habit; for... Read More