First Ever “World Geriatric Day” To Take Place In Boca Raton

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Excited Old People

Pope Francis announced this morning that the location of the first ever World Geriatric Day will take place in Boca Raton, Florida next year.

Just days before his arrival in Krakow, Francis told reporters that “These kids already got the idea,” and went on to express his desire to reach their grandparents, which comes as welcomed news for many elderly Catholics who have felt marginalized in the Church.

74-year-old Ruth Conway told EOTT that she was looking forward to the event, and was looking forward to making the arduous 5-minute pilgrimage from her home to the location where many of the activities are scheduled to take place.

“Oh dear, this is wonderful news. Herb, isn’t this wonderful news? Anyhow, I’ve always seen those kids on the television having such a good time and I always wondered what it would be like. The Holy Father would make a such wonderful addition to our canasta circle, don’t you think? He wouldn’t judge our canasta skills, that’s for certain.”

Activities at WGD will include Bible Bingo, Ecclesiastical Shuffle Board and pre-consecrated wine tasting. Naps will be encouraged between and during all events.

  • Ronnie

    YES!!! We finally get a World Day of our own! Wait…what’s the minimum age? At IHOP the senior specials start at age 55…

  • Panda Rosa

    It seems only fair, why should all those young whippersnappers have all the fun?

  • Mike Dross

    Suddenly I’m craving a pancake breakfast.

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  • CumExApostolatus

    Lots and lots of Kool-Aid punch should be available…they are so used to drinking it.

  • It’s too bad the Holy Father won’t be able to celebrate Mass in the front yard of the nursing home. Everyone will be yelling, “Get off my lawn!”

  • Treelea -proud local folk

    What a crock. Labelling people as geriatric. Have some damn self respect. Activities? Like you are some backward kindergartner. Uh no thanks. 70 and still working