Planned Oklahoma City Black Mass Stirring Controversy With Schismatic Satanist Group

Oklahoma City, OK–The black mass scheduled for September 21 in Oklahoma City is stirring lots of controversy with traditional minded Satanist, The... Read More


Irish Priests To Extend Confession Times To 8 Hours A Day Because Of “Gargantuan” Number Of Penitents

DUBLIN––At the annual conference of the Association of Catholic Priests in Dublin, pastors from across Ireland gathered to voice their concerns about the “gargantuan” number of Catholics going to confession. “This is a full... Read More

photo: Gregory L. Tracy

Confused Parishioner Won’t Stop Accidently Saying “And Also With You”

photo: Gregory L. Tracy Hoboken, New Jersey––It is being reported today that Timothy Perkins of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Hoboken, New Jersey continually made the wrong responses at Mass, despite having the new laminated translation... Read More


Liturgical Dancer Tests Positive For Performance-Enhancing Drugs

It is being reported this morning that world-renowned liturgical dancer Doris Griffin has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. A USCCB spokesman said that trace amounts of an illegal substance were found in Griffin’s blood... Read More


Maestro Who Conducts Symphony With Back Facing Audience Labelled Radical Traditional

Albuquerque, New Mexico––After conducting his first symphony since being named Maestro of the New Mexico Philharmonic, Chinese-born Li Wei Chen has been under heavy scrutiny from longtime patrons for conducting Beethoven’s famous... Read More

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Women In Love With Married Men Appeal To Pope To Make Fidelity Optional

  VATICAN–A group of 26 Italian mistresses who claim to be having affairs with Catholic men have written a joint letter to Pope Francis begging him to... Read More

The winds of change blow off Francis' zucchetto

5 Memorable Moments From Francis’ First Year

  The winds of change blow off Francis’ zucchetto Pope Francis tweeted “Please pray for me” on his first anniversary as pontiff. A second... Read More


Wind Gust Nearly Blows Off Benedict’s Zucchetto, Leading Media To Speculate About More Stuff

VATICAN CITY–Media outlets around the world are buzzing with speculation this evening after viewing images showing Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s... Read More

Flamboyant Lobby

“Pope Literally Meant A Flamboyantly Decorated Lobby,” Vatican Clarifies

VATICAN–Being interviewed via Skype hours ago, Spokesman for the Vatican Press Office Monsignor Bernard Hopkins clarified recent remarks made to a Latin American... Read More

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Libs & Trads


Diversity The Greatest Moral Virtue, New Study Finds

Washington, DC––According to a new study out today by Georgetown University’s... Read More

Unimaginative Priest Celebrates Themeless Mass

San Francisco, CA–Citing a lack of time and energy, as well as feeling... Read More


Area Jesuit Excited About New “Clerics” From Tommy Bahama

Seattle, WA––The Seattle-based manufacturer of casual men’s... Read More

Pope Michael I interviewed by reporters after the World Youth Day announcement

Pope Michael I Announces Location Of Upcoming World Youth Day

Pope Michael I interviewed by reporters after the World Youth Day announcement Belvue,... Read More

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Parish Life

Matt Fradd Named Eye Of The Tiber’s Sexiest Chastity Speaker Alive


Eye of the Tiber is happy to announce that Catholic apologist Matt Fradd has been... Read More

Report: Man Who’s Never Killed Anyone Or Anything Like That Doesn’t Need To Go To Confession


Pittsburgh, PA––A new report out today by area Catholic Marcus Dietrich’s conscience revealed... Read More

Renovation Construction for Rio Shuttlecock Cathedral Nearing Completion

before and after

A before and after image of the soon to be fully renovated Shuttlecock Cathedral... Read More

Report: Jesus Spoke With Spectacular British Accent

Jesus of Nazareth

Lansing, MI––A recently discovered DVD found in the attic of the Williams family... Read More

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