New Study Shows Larger Number Of Faithful Catholics Living In Mosul Than In California

According to a new report out today by the Vatican, there are currently more Catholics who adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church currently... Read More



Planned Parenthood Set To Unveil New Line At Fashion Week

PARIS––The city of Paris has come to a standstill with the anticipation of next week’s start of Fall Fashion Week. Legendary designer Christian Dior kicks off the annual event followed by a number of proven designers such as Calvin... Read More

Jets QB Controversy

As Syrian Conflict Intensifies, New Jersey Man Urges God To End Jets Quarterback Controversy

East Rutherford, New Jersey––As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry effectively set out a case for missile strikes on Syria this morning, New York resident Alan Jones has intensified his prayers for God Almighty to resolve the quarterback... Read More

Mike Segar/Reuters

Audience Of Undecideds Patiently Await Good Zinger To Decide Their Vote

Mike Segar/Reuters After patiently enduring a 90-minute presidential debate last night, undecided voters at Hofstra University in Long Island were left wanting after lackluster zinger performances by both presidential candidates. For an hour... Read More


Catholic Democrat Makes Holy Hour Before The Real Presence Of Obama

Ardent Catholic Democrat Gordon Frey arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Obama for his scheduled Holy Hour earlier monday morning. 56-year-old Frey appeared in good spirits as he entered the adoration chapel, going down on both... Read More

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Pope Francis Sneaks Out Of Vatican At Night In Disguise To Help Poor, Fight Crime

  VATICAN–A recent interview with the Papal Alomner Archbishop Konrad Krajewski this week confirmed recent speculations that Pope Francis joins him on... Read More


CDF Directs Enthusiasts Not To Host Bigfoot “Seers”

Bear Valley, CA–At the direction of the California Department of Forestry (CDF), a representative for the State agency has written a letter stating that enthusiasts... Read More


Pope Francis Calls Zack Snyder To Complain About Choice Of Ben Affleck For Batman

Hollywood, CA––”Hello, it’s Pope Francis,” were the first words spoken during a conversation in which His Holiness telephoned Zack Snyder,... Read More

The winds of change blow off Francis' zucchetto

5 Memorable Moments From Francis’ First Year

  The winds of change blow off Francis’ zucchetto Pope Francis tweeted “Please pray for me” on his first anniversary as pontiff. A second... Read More

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Parish Life


Man In Search Of Answers Closes Eyes, Flips Through Bible, Says “Stop,” “Left Page,” “Right Column”

Bowling Green, KY––It was reported earlier this morning that 31-year-old... Read More

Most Doctrinally Sound Sermon Given On The Catholic Faith In Past Three Decades Unfortunately Given By Protestant Pastor

San Marcos, CA–What some are calling the most mesmerizing, breathtaking,... Read More

Sev Samer 2

Search Intensifies For Missing Reverence During Mass

Sierra Nevada–More than five dozen searchers scoured the Sierra... Read More


Parishioner At The Back Of Long Confession Line Sure Is Optimistic

Brooklyn, NY–Walking to the back of a nauseatingly long confession... Read More

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There Was Certainly A Point During My Clown Mass When I Thought, “What The Hell Am I Doing?”


Tuscan, AZ–Pastor of St. Genesius Catholic Church in Tuscan, Arizona Fr.... Read More

One Million Youth Visit Rio To See Pope On Large Screen


Rio de Janerio, Brazil––Media sources confirm that nearly one million Catholic... Read More

USCCB To Consider Implementing Challenge Flags And Instant Replays During Masses

"Parishioners are challenging the orthodoxy of the homily."

“Parishioners are challenging the orthodoxy of the homily.” Washington,... Read More

Parishioner Agnes Day Excited About New Vatican Crackdown On Her Name


Manchester, NH––For over 40 years, Agnes Day, parishioner at St. Luke Parish,... Read More

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