Baptist Church Removes Bibles From Place Of Worship For Being “Too Catholic”

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  Congregants of a Baptist church in South Carolina yesterday unanimously voted to remove all bibles from their church because many believe it’s too “Catholic” for their place of worship. In a letter written to his congregation, Pastor Don Ringle said the bibles would be removed this week. “We have discovered that there are people that view the bible as Catholic in nature,” Ringle wrote, going on to say that the bible was beginning... Read More

LeBron James Becomes Priest; Carries Catholic Church On Back

May 29, 2018 by  
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Image: Andrew Hermiz   Just days after carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers to yet another NBA finals, LeBron James announced that he would be joining the priesthood so as to help carry the Catholic Church on his back. James, who converted to Catholicism the morning after the big win versus the Boston Celtics, was confirmed and ordained a priest, telling those in the congregation that he felt that it was time to leave the Cavs and to “take his talents... Read More

Parishioner Who Makes 350K A Year Anonymously Slips $20 Bill Into Donation Envelope With A Little Wink To Heaven

May 22, 2018 by  
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  According to several reports from Heaven, well-to-do parishioner Herbert Edward Kingsley III took out a crisp $20 bill from his bill fold last Sunday, before secretly placing it into the donation basket. One saint that saw Kingsley’s Godlike humility was longtime saint Thomas Aquinas who said that all that he had seen in Heaven now seemed like straw compared to that which he had witnessed early Sunday morning on earth. “Truly remarkable,”... Read More

Mark Shea Bans Self From Facebook Page

May 15, 2018 by  
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  After hours of banning people from his personal Facebook page, well-known Catholic author and blogger Mark Shea has reportedly banned himself from his own page. “I think we’ve all had enough of his ultra-conservative, communist, pro-life, liberal, pro-abortion, hyper-Catholic, godless, split personality ways,” Shea wrote in a recent blog condemning himself. The decision to ban himself comes on the heels of Shea officially banning... Read More

Jason Evert Warns Against Premarital Speaking In New Talk To Teens

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  Prominent chastity speaker Jason Evert Monday morning warned students at St. Joseph Catholic High School against the temptation to speak to people of the opposite sex until marriage, saying it could lead to premarital sex. “It’s definitely a gateway to sex,” Evert told EOTT after the hour-long talk. “We need to not only stay away from near occasions of sin, but away from occasions that might lead us to occasions that will lead to other occasions... Read More

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