Disobedient SSPV Woman Wearing Shoes In Kitchen

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Fillmore, NY–Local member of the Society of St. Pius V Marisa Conti reported Tuesday that she planned to wear shoes in the kitchen despite a recent ruling by SSPV and her husband rejecting her request to wear shoes into the kitchen. “You know…putting on a pair of shoes before entering the kitchen will most certainly be the single most exhilarating moment of my life. I’m actually scared that, not being used to the feeling of grip against tile, I might actually trip,” Conti nervously said as she took her first daring step into the kitchen, awkwardly stumbling across the tiled kitchen floor like a newborn calf. “One small step for an SSPV woman…one giant leap for SSPV!” Conti’s husband, Benjamin Conti, told EOTT that he was “utterly” ashamed of his wife, and blamed recent changes in his wife on her more liberal-minded SSPX girlfriends. “If I told her once, I’ve told her a million times…get rid of those friends,” he said as he cleaned out the sanitary pit privy of their outhouse. “She’s not pregnant, and now she’s walking around the kitchen with shoes on like some kinda floozy.”

  • A Cynic

    This isn’t even funny. It’s disparaging & in horrible taste. There is a beautiful femininity in women staying at home & raising their children & managing the home. How about some good will towards people who are trying their best to live their faith despite the abuses & confusion of the post-conciliar period?

    No? Ok.

    • FranklinWasRight

      I saw this as more of a rif on those who think that women who want to stay home and raise children are the victims of domineering husbands and clergybwhobwant to keep them at home, barefoot and pregnant. I thought this satire pointed out the absurdity of that particular prejudice.

      As a mother of 7 who experiences the uncomfortable feelings large families cause in my liberal family and friends, I appreciated the humor.

    • mamalove

      Im with you, with all the scandal caused by our Hierarchy lately…you almost cant blame anyone who leaves the Barque of Peter. Unless you are firmly rooted in your faith and know Our Lady of Fatimas prediction of Diabolical Disorientation.

    • mamalove

      And the stereotyping here is typical. I live in the country and have many children and try to be obedient to my husband and attend the TLM (diocesan approved) Modern Catholics love to have field days of sarcasm about women like me. It would be better if I put on my bu’huggin jeans and a nice t shirt and told my husband who’s boss around here, then I would be a “nice” sensible modern Catholic woman.

  • Jacob

    Well, I’m not sure if “A Cynic” is trying to carry on the same ironic mood in which the article is written, but it doesn’t sound like it.

    For my part, I think this post is hilarious (as are almost all the others on this site). Being able to make light of our troubles, be it in the Church or contemporary society, is a good thing – not abuse.

  • http://southernvermontcrank.blogspot.com/ I am not Spartacus

    SSPV members have apostasised from the true church.

    First there was the SSPX and they kicked-out the real faithful and they formed SSPV.

    Clearly, the time has come for SSP2.5

  • jamey brown

    Next thing you know she’ll be getting a tattoo of Pope Francis.