Breaking Bad Finale: Walter White’s Issues Revealed As Consequence Of Poor Childhood Catechesis

September 30, 2013 by  
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Breaking Bad

Albuquerque, NM–After five seasons, the critically acclaimed AMC drama Breaking Bad came to end last night with a stunning twist revealing that the string of incidents that caused a high school chemistry teacher to go rogue could have been avoided had it not been for the awful catechesis he received in the 1970’s. “I wanted to write something that was believable, but that would catch everyone off-guard,” said Breaking Bad producer Vince Gilligan from his home in Hollywood. “In the beginning, I toyed with the idea of naming the show something like Breaking Church or Catechesis Bad, but aside those being awful names, I thought it would be too obvious.” One fan of the show, Julie Marion, told EOTT that the twist ending, where Walter White tells his wife that he cooked meth because he enjoyed it, was devastating because “you just had to wonder how he would’ve handled being diagnosed with cancer, and not having money to pay for the treatments, if he had been properly catechized. Perhaps he would’ve just patiently gone to Mass and adoration for five seasons until he was given a solution…I don’t know.” Rolling Stone critic Blake Reynolds wrote this morning that the revelation that [Walter White] was ill-catechized added yet another dimension to an already multi-faceted character. “Whether viewers agreed with what he was doing or not, they at least knew why he was doing it. But with the reveal, the viewer got a deeper understanding of how honest people are driven to commit bad actions. It is a lack of trust in God. And for some, that lack of trust begins with washed-down catechetics.”