After 26 Weeks Of Anticipation, 27th Sunday In Ordinary Time Just Around Corner

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Thousands flock to St. Peter's to reserve spots for 27th Sunday in Ordinary time.

Thousands flock to St. Peter’s to reserve spots for Mass during the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The Christian West––After 26 weeks of eager anticipation, it was reported today that hundreds of millions of Catholics from across the Christian West began preparations for this week’s long-awaited celebration of the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time. “Really, outside of Christmas and Easter…and the feasts of the Assumption, Ascension, All Saint’s Day, Immaculate Conception, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday, there’s really not a more exciting Sunday for a Catholic,” creator of the popular Catholicism series, Father Robert Barron, told EOTT. “Well, then you have the Sundays in the Christmas and Easter Season, and the minor feast days, but after that, it’s all about the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Sorry, I forgot about Holy Saturday, Divine Mercy Sunday, Trinity Sunday, Pentecost Sunday…” Barron went on to announce that he planned on producing a new 12-part DVD series about the 27th week in Ordinary Time titled Ordinary. At press time, leaders of the militant group Al-Shabaab said that they would cease all attacks on Christian groups in the Middle East and elsewhere out of respect for “Christians around the world who hold dear, the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.”

  • VLL

    Commemorative plaque: On this site in 1834 nothing happened.

  • Presbyter

    Just hilarious!

  • Michael Leggett

    And Fr Barron says that there is a reasonable hope that there will be brisk sales of his new DVD, “Ordinary.”

  • Frank Hammond

    Do we receive an indulgence for attending Mass on the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time?

  • Heinz

    The 2nd of October is almost upon us. I’m shivering in anticipation.
    Did any of you already put up the 27th-sunday-of-ordinary-time-toaster and other marginal decorations?
    The kids keep asking me, when the happy time will be here.

  • Monk

    Well, I nearly fell off the pew. The celebrant today claimed that the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time was most meaningful for him.

    (He explained that his first homily was given for the readings for Year C. But still …)