Marty Haugen Music To Be Outlawed Under New Geneva Convention Resolution

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Geneva, Switzerland–New guidelines set down by the international community during the fifth Geneva Convention this week has extensively defined the basic, spiritual wartime rights of the Church Militant by outlawing all Marty Haugen music used in and around war-zones. What is officially being called The Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Parishioners in Times of Spiritual War has become the fifth convention establishing the standards on international law for the humanitarian treatment of spiritual war. “Our new resolution states that all Catholics who are in the process of spiritual warfare are to be treated humanely,” Said General of the Counsel Robert Durant at a press conference earlier this morning. “The following acts are to be henceforth prohibited: Violence to life and person, in particular, cruel treatment and torture by means of being made to listen to Gather Us In. Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment such as asking parishioners to sing along to We Remember. And finally, all acts requiring parishioners to listen to said music during the reception of communion.”

  • Gerry

    Behind the name “Marty Haugen” is a human being. What entitles us to make fun of this person. He never imposed his music on anyone, did he? Even if he did, what exempts us from our first duty of Christian charity?

    • John

      Exactly, Gerry.

    • Tony

      No, Marty Haugen the Protestant liberal has never *personally* imposed his music on anyone. It’s been done mostly by GIA, OCP, parish liturgists, music/choir directors, and other worship-related decision-makers with no taste, everywhere.

    • Jeffrey Quick

      Nobody is making fun of Marty Haugen. Some fun is being had at the expense of Marty Haugen’s music, which is not the same thing. Are you as eager to defend all those who, for the past 50 years, tried to defend traditional Catholic music?

    • Chris

      Gerry, Christians are called to love all sinners, but not their sins. We must love Marty Haugen, but not his music.

      • Concerned

        How is making music sinful? You had better take your own advice.

      • Veronica

        This could pertain to other musicians, no? Barry Manilow…Michael Bolton…Yanni?

    • Carrie Wehmeyer

      It’s not him, it’s the people who decide to flood our masses with his tasteless, vapid music. It’s not uncharitable to wish for sacred music with your liturgy. No offense to Marty Haugen or whoever wrote the song they sang at Mass last week that sounded suspiciously similar to “Sweet Transvestite” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    • AnneG

      “What entitles us to make fun of this person?”
      Crappy music! And he’s a Lutheran!

      • Warren Weleck

        Correction: Marty Haugen is NOT a Lutheran. He joined the United Church of Christ because most Lutherans will not sing his music and because Lutherans believe that in Holy Communion the Body and Blood of Christ are truly and substantially present. Songs about bread and wine are appropriate for the United Church of Christ but not the Lutheran Church — or the Roman Catholic Church.

  • How I wish this were true.,

  • John

    You know, I really get tired of all this church music bashing. Please stop. Listen, one’s reaction to a certain type of music is an entirely personal thing. Whatever one thinks of Haugen’s stuff — I like some of it a lot and others not so much — the fact of the matter is that there was probably a lot of bad church music written in every century and era since man began to worship that ineffable Something or Someone that we have come to call God. The good stuff lasts and becomes classic; the other stuff fades away. No song, hymn, cantata, sonata, etude, or whatever is going to please every listener. Whether the music grates or elevates, remember that you’re there to worship God, not be entertained.

    • Janet

      John, everything you state after “the fact of the matter, like Haugen’s music, misses the fact of the matter: the music which accompanies the mass is supposed to be edifying and worshipful, not insipid and self aggrandizing, like pop music. It is supposed to be integral to the mass, not endured like the background music at the supermarket. There also is no place in the mass for a “top 40” like selection process for music. Every time his music is played is an opportunity missed to appreciate the eternal awesomeness of the mass.

      • Padraig O’Murphy

        Seriously, John, it isn’t a matter of personal taste. Sacred music is not a form of entertainment; it is an act of corporate prayer. Chant and simply polyphony are what has been handed down to us. Crappy guitar music is unacceptable, even according to the published writings of Vatican II, many popes, curial offices, bishops’ conferences and the bishops that run them. The entire idea that people’s musical preferences should be considered is offensive because it reduces sacred music to a form of entertainment in church.

        • Casper

          Not to mention, every time the horrid music is played at Mass, the children who are hearing it are going to think this is “normal” church music. So they’re going to perpetuate it even longer.

        • sixlittlerabbits

          And the dangers of such stupid music are seen when people now treat the music in church as entertainment and applaud selections they enjoy!

    • Lark Marie


  • Romagno

    This will change the entire calculus of the Really Bad Liturgical Music Category of the Grammy Awards. Weston Priory is now the odds-on favorite.

  • Susan Gallen

    Oh, if this were only true. Makes “Mother Dear Oh pray for me” sound like Beethoven.

  • VLL

    I am sure Marty Haugen, the person, is a wonderful human being. Blessings be upon him. His music leaves something to be desired, particularly at Cavalry.

  • Carrie Wehmeyer

    How does Dan Schutte get off scott free here? Our church has started using a new hymnal, filled with liberal, fake Simon and Garfunkel claptrap and cynically entitled: “the Saint Augustine Hymnal”. Maybe it’s a tribute to his pre-conversion taste.

    • We just got the St. Augustine Hymnal sio I can’t say one way or the other. But since bing in the choir we got it sooner than the people in the pews. I quickly went through it and the one good thing that I can see is where they put in the old hymns the orginal words are put back. In the previous hymnal quite a few of the older hymns either they add new verses then rearange the older verses to fit. Or rewrite the sond a together to the point of you can’t recognize it. The music director that we will like it. But I am holding off for a while to get a better take on it.

  • “Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship” (USCCB, 2007): “The musical judgment asks whether this composition has the necessary aesthetic qualities that can bear the weight of the mysteries celebrated in the Liturgy.” (n. 134) “To admit to the Liturgy the cheap, the trite, or the musical cliche often found in secular popular songs is to cheapen the Liturgy, to expose it to ridicule, and to invite failure.” (n. 135)

    • Mark O’Keefe

      The Novus Ordo Mass is cheap and trite.

      • Margarett Cahill Zavodny

        It doesn’t have to be. Careful attention to detail, praying the prayers as they are written, and appropriate music make for a beautiful Novus Ordo Liturgy. Our associate pastor does so.

  • Jackson

    Gerry is pulling a card from the liberal deck, and that card is the ad hominem attack. He is attacking personally anyone who is criticizing Haugen’s music. There are several tenets of Liberalism. From defending evil by any means, to rejecting moral absolutes, to setting violence against those with opposing views. Gerry has chosen the violence against those with opposing views track.

  • AnneG

    Besides trite, bad, pop style music is very bad theology. I’ve heard people quote song lyrics as doctrinal statements. Music teaches and Haugen, Haas, Harbor and the rest of Spirit and Song teach heresy. I really hope Gerry is kidding.

  • Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.

  • I’m a recent convert to Catholicism, and one of the things I miss is the polyphonic harmonizing of beautiful liturgical music. It was a kind of culture shock for me to hear the rather weak and dull pablum of Schutte and Haugen and Co. It can’t be harmonized, either vocally or liturgically. It is suckworthy, to be charitable.

    • F.A.

      ‘suckworthy’ is a great word.

    • drwilltx

      Our Traditional Latin Mass parish (Mater Dei in Dallas, TX) hears Gregorian Chant, Palestrina, Victoria, Byrd, inter alia …

      • Vince M Sr

        worse then a funeral!! for get it! No place in the bible says there should be such dull music as “traditional ” music. Bible says horns and strings and drums… where are they in the Catholic Church? In Africa ands many South American countries.

        • Marco Polo

          If I want banging drums and horns and guitars I’ll look for a tent revival.

          Horns strings and drums were the only instruments of that period. There have been advances since then.

          • Vince M Sr

            I would rather listen to drums banging then endure the noise of an organ badly played as most are.

          • Stephen McMullen

            Ypu should be a very happy person. What you are looking for is anywhere and everywhere. That kind of liturgy/music has saturated the fabric of the entire church here in Amerika.

        • Padraig O’Murphy

          The mention of the instruments in the Bible is NOT associated with the act of corporate worship at the Temple. The ONLY instrument that was used in the Temple was the shofar (the ram’s horn). Early Christians used no instruments whatsoever for nearly the first 1000 years. If you are going to quote the Bible, at least do it correctly.

          • Vince M Sr

            I was referring to what David did to worship God. My so poorly worded response is the fact I HATE ORGAN MUSIC and object to being subject to badly played and performed music week in and week out.

          • Vince M Sr

            Sorry but I was referring to what David did to worship God. Which is the point I so poorly was trying to make! I HATE ORGAN MUSIC!!

          • Stephen McMullen

            Once again…..go enjoy y yourself just about anywhere and let us few poor souls be.

          • Craig

            Completely false!
            Read Psalm 150. Then read of the revivals in Ezra-Nehemiah.
            Then read 1 Chronicles 25.
            Then keep reading…

        • Fr. Jay Finelli

          Catholics are not Sola Scriptura. We have 2000 years of sacred tradition that is influenced by temple worship of the Jews.

          • Vince M Sr

            I guess you never were in Africa or Asia or South America or Mexico or any where else where good music is played at Mass. Organ music should be banned and we should be spared from listing to it any more!

          • “In the Latin Church the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument which adds a wonderful splendor to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man’s mind to God and to higher things.” Sacrosanct Concilium (Vatican II)

          • Vince M Sr

            Well for special occasions maybe. For regular Sunday celibrations music should refelect the cuture of the people. As for traditions, it is one of many that should be done away with. There are too few good organists to keep using it. They arre also too expenbsive to maintain and the church can ill afford to waste mony on them.

          • Stephen McMullen

            Oh of course. Why ” waste” money on an organ. There are lots of people just like you out there and you have been very successful at enforcing your agenda.

          • Rae Marie

            Exactly, Mr. Vince Sr. is in the majority. The church in most places has been doing things his way for 50 years. If he doesn’t like the old fashioned music he can easily walk to the next parish. He doesn’t have to drive 50 miles for a Latin Mass. He has nothing to complain about.

          • Richard Bucci

            Culture – What culture? The cultureof today is not phoney “folk music” ala Peter, Paul and Mary. If you want the culture of today get the Kardashians, hip-hoppers and assorted other “singers”.

          • Stephen McMullen

            Fir all practical purposes, pipe organ music might as well be banned. So what’s your problem?

        • Stephen McMullen

          You should be a very happy person then! The kind of service
          You are looking for is around every corner in just about every
          Church from coast to coast.

      • Mark O’Keefe

        My wife was in Texas on business. We only attend the Latin Mass in NJ. She assisted at a Sunday Mass at Mater Dei. The schola brought her to tears it was so beautiful.

      • franciscanheart

        We hear the same at St. Thomas Aquinas in Lakewood, 11am on Sundays. We also have a schola on Saturdays at 4pm.

    • Marco Polo

      I agree. If I hear ‘Soon and Very Soon’ or ‘Rain Down’ one more time I may look for another parish.

      • Vince M Sr

        They are old but not as bad as the 1800 funeral crap they play at my parish.

        • Stephen McMullen

          U don’t like the 1800 crap at your parish? TRAVEL.

    • Mark O’Keefe

      Attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

      • Vince M Sr

        NO NO NO NEVER!!

        • Stephen McMullen

          Yeah we get you. Not only no no no for you but you don’t want anyone else yo have it either. Am I right?

          • Vince M Sr

            I have no problem with others having a Latin Mass just don’t make it the only Mass in the parish.

  • joe walsh

    Jackson – that is too funny – taking a line from the conservative playbook, and accusing “liberals” of perpetrating precisely usual conservative tack. Watch Bill O Reilly for two minutes and you will see! I have another theory about all this. I believe that in order to get to the bottom of any issue, one should follow the money. The organizations who spew out most of the musical dross, OCP, GIA etc make large profits. The music is usually badly written, arranged for some kind of guitar/keyboard lash-up, which requires, counter-intuitively, quite an accomplished player to really make sound like music, and then fobbed off to unsuspecting and trusting amateurs in the NPM, the major outlet. I believe the whole lot of them are in cahoots, and making a lot of money fooling a lot of folks who don’t know any better. There, I said it! Discuss!

  • Jewel,

    Welcome to the Church. I grew up with the banal music all too frequently found with the post-Conciliar liturgy. Fortunately, I found a parish where I can enjoy the uplifting sounds of both plain and polyphonic chant with the traditional liturgy (a.k.a. the “Extraoridnary Form”). One of my first thoughts on experiencing this was, “Why on earth did so many parishes and dioceses toss this music, and this liturgy out?”

    If you have the opportunity in your area, I recommend you try it out. It took me about four Sundays to get the rhythm of the traditional Mass and follow in the Missal.

  • A. Crawford

    I’m amazed at some of the humorless people on here. Why are they reading this blog? Aside from the humor aspect, though, Christian charity does not consist in having to put up with music that is an insult to Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist without even protesting. It wasn’t Christian charity to impose the music on the flock to begin with, and it isn’t uncharitable to call it what it is: self-centered lyrics set to mediocre music. Now, if you use it as an excuse to stay home from Mass, that’s a whole ‘nother deal…and we would need to have a talk about loving the Lord enough to go to Mass and share in His suffering.

    • BarefootCobbler

      The music at many parishes falls way short, often it’s appalling and I feel like I’ve stumbled into the Muppet Mass or something. We’re fortunate to have a wonderful music director at ours.

    • sixlittlerabbits

      Our pastor plays canned music at Mass such as “Mary, Did You Know?”, and I’m considering traveling to a Latin Mass. He doesn’t seem to realize that some of us need peace and quiet to pray. Oh well, for years the peaceful few minutes after Communion have been replaced with announcements of what’s in the parish bulletin. Seems that the pastor doesn’t believe we can read!

  • Paul Schumann

    I wish!

  • Susan J Melkus

    ‘Pray in peace and serenity, sing *intelligently* and in a good state – and you will be like a young eagle soaring high in the sky.’

    St. Nilus of Sinai

    I don’t soar high when I hear some of these songs where I go to weekday Mass. I rather cringe. Cringing isn’t soaring. BUT, then I remain in prayer after Mass and get my ‘soaring wings’ readjusted. It’s not music that makes one soar, but it does at times, make one sore. :/

    • More Tea Vicar?

      We can’t soar high with the likes of Schutte, Estelle White and other jazz-handed writers like this because their music goes down like a lead balloon.

  • Anthony Doyle

    This explains everything! I’m a (junior) Military chaplain and always thought the Haugen/Schutte stuff played by the Garrison organist was merely poor taste and inadequate liturgical oversight. I now realise that it’s a form of pre-deployment training for cadets. From now on I will have greater faith in the Chain of Command. Thanks Eye of the Tiber. I feel very emotional about this.

  • Michael Leggett

    & I wonder WHY I now head to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom?
    Haugen, Schutte & Company are Avoided like The Plague in the Eastern Catholic Churches.

    • Morgan L. Williams

      Haugen tries to use a strumming guitar as he writes unimaginative chords like D when the melody has a G or an E in it. I think he believes there is a guitarist present that doesn’t know enough chords, and we have to tolerate it. I say, “Throw it out.”

      • Padraig O’Murphy

        Through the guitar out too. It has no place. The reason that he avoids the Eastern Catholics is that they don’t use guitars, so he can’t do anything to corrupt their liturgy.

        • Vince M Sr

          So why does the Bible refer to stringed instrument use by David in worship? Get rid of the organ that would be progress!!

          • More Tea Vicar?

            … go for an organ transplant.

  • Seth Murray

    Oh, if only it were true….

  • Jeff Hunter

    No fair teasing us like this . . . oh if it were true. :-/

  • Fletch

    Say what you will, Haugen’s mass parts (Mass of Creation etc) are many times better than the officially sanctioned mass parts we have to use now. I would rather have Haugen’s Gloria, than the unmusical Heritage Mass parts etc, that aren’t at all natural to sing.

  • Otto Klave

    Ha(as) – Ha(as) – Ha(as)

  • Jim

    Personally, I’m waiting for Neil Diamond to write a Mass. Hey, he’s already done Christmas albums. 🙂

  • NickD

    If only his music would be outlawed…

  • robert

    Call me dim, but I read about half of this before I realized it was satirical. We sing a lot of Marty Haugen. I like it.

  • Hallelujah!

  • Rafal Kozlowski

    Thanks composers like Marty Haugen I really appreciate silence

  • Michael Leggett

    I wish that the Geneva Convention would ban all Muzak at Mass, written from 1965 onward.