Man Dressed As Tabernacle At Halloween Party Ignored; Is Moved To Corner Of Room

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According to reports from several eyewitnesses moments ago, 27-year-old Emmanuel Dickens, who showed up to a Halloween party dressed as his favorite tabernacle, was promptly ignored and escorted to the corner of the room.

The party’s host Thomas Martin told EOTT that having Dickens there was “for some reason just kinda putting a damper on the fellowship thing” he was going for.

“It’s not necessarily that he’s not wanted at the party,” Martin said.  “It’s just that it’s a bit awkward when everyone’s trying to catch up and chit-chat, and he’s just standing there not saying anything.”

Kimberley Wilson, who also attended the party, reported that she had a pleasant, though brief, conversation with Dickens, but that it was difficult to focus on what he was trying say.

“Well, no one else was talking to him, and he was relegated to the corner like he had some kinda disease. I thought I’d say hello, but it’s kinda hard when everyone’s talking so loud. Not to mention the David Haas Pandora station blaring in the background. I couldn’t understand anything he was trying to say.”

At press time, Martin was considering moving Dickens to another room altogether.

  • A Cynic

    That’s pretty funny. +1

  • VLL

    Well, just so long as no one does this in a Catholic church, we’re fine and dandy. *facepalm*

  • Tim

    Apparently dressing as a tabernacle is offensive; but cross-dressing as a sultry version of the ‘Boy Wonder’ … not so much …

    • Michael

      They’re probably all going to hell. Such a shame.

  • Anthony

    I wonder what might have happened if he had come to the party with the Ka’aba on his head?

  • Cupertino

    In a related story, man dressed as ambry is the center of attention. He was given drinks in gallon-sized glasses , though he insisted he just needed a shot.

    • Beth Ann Bee

      Isn’t that where the Modern Church puts the tabernacle? I thought it was interesting that the host was considering moving it into another room altogether. I read this as a sad Halloween commentary on the irrelevance of the Blessed Sacrament in Modern day Catholicism.

      • Paula Warnes

        It’s a joke. A parody intended to mock that very thing.

  • Ha!

  • Elisabeth Nicole Wilkes

    I lost it at “David Haas Pandora Station”

    • Pro_aris_et_focis

      Haugen, Haas and Schuette, the original HHS Mandate.

  • LeMayzing

    He would have had more attention paid to him if he’d been doing the “Monstrance Mash”.

    • averagejoe

      He might’ve been adored all night.

  • Metro


  • Carol

    disrespectful costume, I do not like it

    • rexofnorwood

      You’re missing the whole point of the story.

      • Therese Ptak

        Some people are just irony impaired. Just give them a gentle understanding pat on the head and move along…

        • Dano5

          This is a supplement for the irony-deficient.

  • Robert Long

    I get it. We’re is the tabernacle?

  • The Potempski Family

    Do you all realize that this isn’t a joke nor should any of you “think’ that this is okay. It is appalling that this is happening. Where is your sacred respect? Where is your love of Christ? May God have mercy on your souls.

    • David K

      Let’s analyze this act: 1) OBJECT: The nature of the act itself is satire. Satire is defined as: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. Thus there is nothing intrinsically wrong about it, and, in deriding “vice, folly, etc.” actually achieves a good purpose. 2) INTENTION: While I cannot speak for the exact intention of the author, it is a Catholic satirical website, and thus it can be safely assumed that it is employing the above-defined literary genre to achieve the purposes put forth in the definition. In this case, exposing, denouncing, or deriding the relegating of the Eucharist to any place that is below His dignity. 3) CIRCUMSTANCE: Publishing an article on the internet for the above purposes. Thus, as far as I can tell, there is nothing objectively wrong with this article. Speaking about a person dressing up as a tabernacle is not sacrilegious. In fact, a tabernacle is often used as an image to describe the human person in the state of grace, since God is truly living in him. It was not mocking the Eucharist. Please understand: I am not trying to pick a fight here. I am simply trying to engage you here and share my opinion, which is that your judgment seems to have been a bit harsh. I understand that satire is a taste that not everyone enjoys, but I don’t think that it is intrinsically wrong to use in speaking of religious matters.

      • The Potempski Family

        David to those that think this is wrong no explanation is necessary. It those who don’t understand why this is wrong and defend it outright as to why it’s okay then no explanation is possible. IT IS WRONG and you have to trust that. Ask HIM in prayers–take it to prayer and I’m certain He too will let you know otherwise. God bless

        • David K

          So what you’re asking me to do is either 1) Make a blind act of trust in your private sense that this is wrong, and surrender my sense of right and wrong to that, and/or 2) Pray about this and trust that God will directly reveal to me the same conclusion that he has to you. But our faith is a reasonable one! You made a moral judgment about this article, and then defended a moral judgment with a blind act of faith. This strikes me as very Protestant-ish. The phrase you used: “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible” – actually has no religious context. People use it all the time about matters of faith, but Stuart Chase was actually talking about advertising. Be that as it may, moral judgments are not just acts of faith for us. Our morality is reasonable, and we have to be very careful about appealing to faith when we have reason right by our side to explain things clearly. When someone asks about Church teaching about sexuality, we don’t say – IT IS WRONG – trust me on this one. We can speak rationally about the body and how it’s makeup shows a more beautiful plan behind it. There is no sola fides, or sola anything! Faith AND reason, described by JPII as two wings – a bird with one wing doesn’t fly anywhere. We can’t abdicate reason and just rest on our faith. St. Peter exhorts us to be ready to give REASONS for the hope we bear. Faith without reason is not our faith. It’s much more like the religion of Islam, in which Allah can contradict the laws of reason and logic. Not our God. Our reason is a participation in the Divine mind.

  • The Potempski Family

    Rexofnorwodd…..there is no joke and no one is not getting the point of this. The whole idea that you and others think that you can even joke on this is SAD. It isn’t a topic that should be joked about….”moved in the corner” or whatever as yes we do know this takes place at parishes but it’s SAD and this type of mocking and yes it’s mocking disguised as parody or whatever is till in poor TASTE!!!!!! What next Jesus crucified and bleeding and then put in the basement!?! Where does it end THIS IS POOR TASTE NO MATTER THE JOKE OR NOT!

    • Monk

      Hey! Lighten up, Potempskis! The genius of satire is that serious scandals and errors are exposed and mocked. It’s a great joy and consolation to come here and know there is a community that hasn’t lost its faith. This website is more courageous than the local parish clergy.
      I actually incorporate EOTT into my lectio divina.

      • The Potempski Family

        Monk and your cronies can’t and won’t shame me. I rebuke your comments. It is still wrong no matter how you position it. NO TABERNacle IN no joke ever PERIOD.

        • Heinz

          Ironically, not allowing the tabernacle in a joke, you put it into a rather rude rant.

          • The Potempski Family

            Not rude rant Mr. Heinz — truth. I’m not here to be popular nor liked nor do I care when God is on my side. This is a slippery sloap and it’s offensive. Would you present it to Him if He was standing here in front of you? Folks like yourself do not know just how rude YOU ARE by POSTING and PARTICIPATING in such “jokes.” IF it was Allah you’d be hanging already…just remember that!

          • Heinz

            I do not see how your reference to Allah has anything to do with this.
            That it’s a rant can be seen in the capitalized words and that it’s rude in the number of exclamation signs.
            See, even nice content underneath it do not change that:

            “God SAID THAT HE loves you!!!!!!!”

            Try to read that in an inoffensive way; it’s not possible.

            Telling me that there are some people that would kill me does not make you sound any more loving. In fact you seem to think that what they do is in some way valid and right and should make me act in positive response to it.

            I understand your view. I too see the world “going mad”, but please remember, that this is not new and that Jesus’ way of dealing with it was not going around and reprimanding people for not being solemn enough. Your message will be much more believable, if you sneak in some love.

            BTW, while there are slippery slopes that we should be concerned about, it’s not a logical argument. In fact it’s a fallacy.

          • Wonder What?

            Stay on task Heinz. I know men have be emasculated since the 1890’s but please try to get out from under the nonsense and be a man about all of this.

          • Heinz

            Sure. Good advice. I will try to get out from under the nonsense at all times and will be a man about all my dealings.
            I’m in total agreement on this strategy.
            Oh, and I will also stay on task.

            EDIT: Oh, I see you changed your nick. You were this Potemskin before. That’s why I wondered what new guy comments on an old thread.

          • Wonder What?

            Deal with it.

    • Dano5

      Only the jester can tell the truth to the king.

    • Dano5

      Are you saying that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

      If we’re to love God fully, and fear Him appropriately, can’t we laugh with Him occasionally as well? How can this not deepen our relationship?

      C’mon, man. There’s a time for everything.

      Don’t limit God. You think you know Him (or Her) better than we do??

      • The Potempski Family

        Sure joke but not about what He holds as sacred nor which is part of that which is sacred. Everyone likes a good joke but not this way. God bless.

  • David K

    I don’t get it. Some people all offended by this and it clearly is showing the irony of coming to Church (the party, i.e the paschal feast) and not wanting to have anything to do with the Host (holy double entendre there)! Makes you think…

  • Will Gavinski

    Wow, now THAT is funny!

  • The Potempski Family

    Nope…it isn’t about lightening up folks. I don’t care what you call such mockery…a joke or no joke it still is wrong. I don’t care that you dress it in your LD. Funny thing , you my friend if I didn’t know better have a few spirits to contend with. Satan loves this kind of garbage… reverence, no boundaries….in fact it does one of the things it loves most causes separation between catholic as this offends many….and begins a separation! Arrogance and pride is present within the soul as to think that one believes that you do a LD and work this in there that it warrants this sort of acceptance and conduct?! Additionally, I rebuke your comment on the priests…that in and of itself tells me that your not playing with a full holy deck that you have been spiritually compromised as that of the priests you judge! I’m not judging you I’m calling out mockery and irreverence. DON”T TELL ME TO LIGHTEN UP in fact fall down and beg for forgiveness to the Holy of Holies. So sad to see this stuff : (

    • Monk

      Oh dear. Well, I suppose humorless, pontificating is a valid, albeit, unattractive and counterproductive form of pedagogy. I suppose you aren’t a fan of Saint Philip Neri either. “A joyful heart is more easily made perfect than a downcast one.” Please don’t imagine that behind these postings there aren’t some very well informed, orthodox Catholic men and women who are only greeting absurdity with absurdity.

    • Therese Ptak

      You do realize that this is satirical in nature and reflects a VERY REAL PROBLEM within the Catholic Church, right? The article addresses the issue by using humor but what it does is hold a mirror up to US and tells US to be more reverent and give DUE RESPECT to the tabernacle. The article isn’t suggesting we ignore it it’s more asking us WHY are you actually treating the Tabernacle this way?

    • Dano5

      We got you, man! Hilarious!!

      Very generous of you to play along!

  • More Tea Vicar?

    Poor so-n-so’s going off the Altar Rails …

  • Christina

    that is really funny

  • Sams_1